Column: A Mother’s Pondering 

Published 2:15 pm Monday, September 18, 2023

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By April J. Buchanan | Religion Columnist

This morning I told my husband that I feel like that person being asked to describe, “what happened” and then responding with, “it all happened so fast”.

Usually those words reveal that the person can’t give any details because, “it all happened so fast”, that they are unable to be of much help. That’s not always the case though.

My son just turned 27 today (the day I’m writing this), and I find myself really acknowledging that he is 27.

“How did it happen”, seems such a ridiculous question. I know how it happened. And I didn’t miss out on any of it. I was there for it all and loved every minute of it.

His birthday is always a sweet reminder of the day I held in my arms, for the first time, my first-born. It’s his birthday; it’s his day, but it’s also the day I looked in the eyes of the little one that I had loved for 9 months and longed to see face to face.

There are those, far more sentimental than I am, as I’m always looking forward to what lies ahead and enjoying each day and treasuring each moment. But on my children’s birthdays, as I celebrate them – my handsome first-born and my beautiful caboose – I also rejoice that God chose me to be a mom and to be their mom.

Our culture today has diminished and even corrupted, in the hearts and minds of so many, the idea of being a mother. If one desires this beautiful, God-honoring and noble life for themselves, then they are told that they are being selfish, and are instead told that they should be desiring to achieve other things in this world that are promised to fulfill all their desires.

It is claimed that to bring a child into this world is morally wrong, selfish and holds women back. Many young women are sadly believing these ideological lies that stand fundamentally opposed to God’s Word and are seeking to establish a life that portrays an image of fulfillment and empowerment, but ultimately denies them of what so many secretly desire but feel that they are wrong to desire – to get married and have children. To be a mother.

As I write this, I can’t help but think of the women of whom long to be mothers and their desire is God-honoring, yet they are unable to have children of their own. While I cannot understand why God in His sovereign will has chosen to allow such as these not to have children, I know that to all who are His, who take refuge in Him, will find that His grace is sufficient. I can’t help but think how beautiful it is that such as these, not only desire what pleases God and when it is not so, that even in their sorrow, they find in Him that His grace is sufficient and they glorify Him.

Thy Will, Oh Lord, Be Done!