Jemison stadium improvements grows pride in program

Published 4:12 pm Thursday, August 31, 2023

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By Carey Reeder | Managing Editor

While the Jemison High School Panthers on the field welcomed fans into the 2023 football season with a win on Aug. 24, fans were also greeted by the new improvements made around Panther Stadium as well.

Head coach John Therrell, the Jemison Quarterback Club and the school’s administration helped facilitate the road around the stadium being paved, upgrading the fence that separates the football stadium from the campus and fresh paint around the stadium on the field level walls and the bleachers. Jemison also renovated the storage room and door underneath the press box, and added fresh paint and logos to the fieldhouse with more logos to come.

“I am just happy that we had as much support as we have from the administration, (Principal Kendall) Jackson, and our quarterback club has done a great job at fundraising and putting in work hours on that stadium, and the players and coaches as well,” Therrell said. “I am just really excited about all of the effort that is being put into what we are doing over here, and giving the best experience for the spectators who are coming to watch one of our six home games this year.”

Therrell gave a special thanks to the Chilton County Schools Board of Education and Superintendent Corey Clements for their help with the paving of the road around Panther Stadium.

He also mentioned how small things like new trash cans can go a long way with the look and feel of an environment. The team is seeing the community support and the effort into improving the place where they play. Therrell reiterates to them constantly that Panther Stadium is theirs because they are the reason why people come out to watch the games, not for himself or anyone else.

Jemison players seeing the improvements being made gives them and the program a bigger sense of pride and inclusion with the community.

“That was one of the things we wanted to focus on from an administration standpoint, and from a football standpoint,” Therrell said. “When people walk into our stadium, we are a representation of our city. We wanted to make sure they had a great experience and were in a place that made our school and city come off as nice and put together.”

Jemison plans to upgrade the field level fence at Panther Stadium as well in the future. Administration is also looking into turning its multi-purpose facility on campus into a sports performance center for its athletes, among other ideas for future improvements of JHS.