Column: Fear knocked at the door, faith answered

Published 3:34 pm Monday, July 24, 2023

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By Carey Reeder | Managing Editor

As I spent some down time this weekend I put on one of my favorite TV series, “The Sopranos.” While I was watching I was doing some planning for the first stages of the 2023 Kickoff magazine, and I was getting excited as the plans were being formulated.

While planning, a scene where Christopher Moltisanti is helping his cousin cope with stress came one and he says “Fear knocked at the door, faith answered. There was no one there.”

I chuckled at the scene, because in the series Christopher is the character that you would least expect to say some inspirational stuff like that. However, I began thinking about it in context with the magazine and the upcoming football season.

High school football can be extremely intimidating, especially in the deep South like here in Chilton County. It is a staple in each small town, and everyone will know who won, or who lost, the game for their team by 5 a.m. on Saturday the following day.

As teams approach just one month out from the season, fear is definitely knocking at the door. Thoughts by seniors about their last year on the field and how they will be remembered at their respective program. Coaches hoping they have done everything they can to prepare their team for the long grueling season ahead. Parents hoping their children on the field stay healthy, but also achieve their goals that they have had all their lives.

Fear is knocking at the doors of all seven Chilton County area football programs here in late July, but the faith they have in one another, and the faith their community has in them, will give fear no answer.

I was always taught that fear is a mindset that can be easily overcome with some self-confidence. It is no different for these football programs, because although there may be fear entering the season, they know exactly what they need to do to be successful. Having that confidence in yourself, and your teammates and coaches, will leave no answer for fear because faith answered the door.