Column: Local Designer creating “Bits of Happy”

Published 12:29 pm Friday, June 2, 2023

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By Elisabeth Altamirano-Smith | Community Columnist

Libby Rogers of Thorsby has not always been a designer or creator. She worked as an occupational therapist for over twenty years before she stopped working full-time and set out to find a new venture.

“Occupational therapy is not always uplifting and pleasant,” said Rogers. “My daughter asked, ‘what are you going to do now?’ and I told her that I want to create ‘bits of happy,’ and that became part of The Plaid Bunny- creating Bits of Happy”

Rogers created The Plaid Bunny in 2019 with her interest focused in embroidery. She grew up watching her mother sew, but had an added interest of designing embroidery items that were not clothing. One of her most unique creations are reusable coloring sheets. Rogers packages coloring sets which includes the pack, three different reusable coloring sheets, three markers and an eraser. The cost of coloring sets is $10.

Once coloring sheet designs are selected, Rogers assembles and embroiders the pages using felt, craft foam and vinyl. The vinyl allows children to color the image with washable markers or crayons and then wipe the image clean by using a baby wipe or alcohol.

“They are more durable than regular coloring sheets so you can take them in a bag without it being damaged,” said Rogers. “It’s not going to tear. They are perfect to take to church, school or the doctor’s office.”

When coloring, if the child makes a mistake, they can erase the part of the picture they want to recreate and start again. The embroidered stitches are also made on top of the vinyl with a more tactile design helping children feel where the lines are.

“My favorite part of making coloring pages is picturing the kids using them, showing off what they have made to their parents or grandparents – something they can be proud of,” said Rogers. “It allows them to be creative and make a completely different image the second time they color it.”

The Plaid Bunny does take requests of embroidered characters on coloring sheets, along with the possibility of name personalization.

Besides reusable coloring sheets, Rogers creates boutique-styled hooded towels for infants and toddlers, teething rings, pacifier holders, tea towels and hand-sanitizer holders.

When she is not designing and creating, Rogers enjoys travel and gardening. She also enjoys spending time with her husband, Mike and children, Brittany Darling, Brandon Rogers and family.

For more information, contact The Plaid Bunny via Facebook or visit her inventory at Rustique Relics, 706 Second Ave N, Clanton.