Romance in the air as Williams, Much A Brew host book signing

Published 1:04 pm Wednesday, May 31, 2023

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By Carey Reeder | Managing Editor

Chilton County based author Sheri Williams is gearing up for her first book signing in the city she has called home for almost 20 years. Williams is hosting the book signing on June 10 from 12-2 p.m. at Much A Brew About Something. She will have six of her books available for purchase and signing including her three-book series “The Forsaken Forest Trilogy.”

Williams has penned 15 books during her writing career and was a frequent customer at Much A Brew. She knew the owner, Charisse Jackson, and asked her if she could leave some of her books there for people to purchase. All of Williams’ books sold out at Much A Brew and she thought maybe a book signing could be planned.

“I have been writing for over 10 years, but this is the first year where I feel confident enough and I want to do a book signing,” Williams said. “I talked to (Jackson) about it and she was 100% interested in it. Then, we began working out when the best time would be.”

Williams is from Connecticut but has been living in Clanton for 18 years. She met her husband, Jonathon, in Chilton County and their family never left. Williams wrote all 15 of her books she has published while living in Chilton County and has expanded her repertoire to many different genres. However, in each book there is some kind of underlying romance theme to it such as fantasy, gothic and contemporary romance.

“I like books where there is a happily ever after,” Williams said.

Williams’ writing career began when she was reading a retelling of Alice in Wonderland, her favorite book. She did not like the way the Mad Hatter in the book was characterized and thought she could do a better job.

“I had always been a reader,” Williams said. “I felt like I could characterize that character better, and then I started writing and have been ever since.”

When it comes to writing, Williams said writers are either plotters or pantsers. Williams characterized herself as a complete pantser, or a writer who works without an outline. She also frequently jumps around the story timeline and then pieces everything together at the end of the writing process.

“I am a full on pantser, and I do not plot anything,” Williams said. “I get an idea usually from a dialogue that pops into my head, or I will see something that gives me inspiration. Then, I will sit down and write.”

Williams said she is excited, and equally nervous, about the people she does not know showing up to the book signing. She will have family and friends at the signing, but said she hopes having her books available at Much A Brew previously helps get people to come out to the signing.

Readers of Williams’ books in Chilton County have reached out to her in the past and commended her for how well she builds worlds in her books.

In the end, Williams said her main goal is to spread the importance of reading to others in the Chilton County community.

“It is really important to me that reading is for everyone,” Williams said. “I write romance because I read romance, but I also read horror, mystery and I will read anything. I think it is important that people just read. It helps build your brain, empathy and gives you an outlook on something that may not be part of your life itself.”

Other books Williams will have available at the book signing on June 10 include “Mad Magic,” “Memory of The Hunt” and “Three Souls, One Love.”