Little authors: The Artsy Bean publishes student’s artwork

Published 12:25 pm Tuesday, May 16, 2023

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By Carey Reeder | Managing Editor

The students at The Artsy Bean became published authors as their artwork created in classes at The Artsy Bean studio was made into a book. “I Am An Artist” is the new book from Student Treasures that features over 25 pieces of artwork and a description of the work from students who take art classes at The Artsy Bean.

The Artsy Bean owner and teacher Deanna Lawlis is linked with many other art teachers through Facebook. She came across Student Treasures and thought “this sounds really interesting.”

“Not only would it make each student a little published author, but it would allow them to share the work they have created in our classroom,” Lawlis said. “Since we are an art studio I thought this would be super cool.”

Other books published by Student Treasures featured student’s favorite animals or recapping their trip to a zoo. However, there was not a book about artists or art. So, Lawlis thought the best message to convey through the book would be to highlight each student’s favorite medium to use. The students created their artwork using their favorite medium and wrote a short description about why they chose a certain medium.

Students from kindergarten to age 14 are featured in the book. Most of the students published in the book did some form of painting or a mixed-medium art combining two mediums to create their artwork.

“In this studio we explore all kinds of mediums such as papier mache, paper crafts, acrylics, water colors, sculpting and a bit of everything,” Lawlis said. “They got to pick whichever medium was their favorite and what they wanted to do.”

Noah, a student published in the book, was the oldest student who had his artwork in the book. Lawlis said that Noah had not drawn anything before beginning a class at The Artsy Bean. Now, he is a published artist along with his classmates.

“He is gifted,” Lawlis said. “He has great hand-eye coordination, and can just look at something and draw it out. It is amazing.”

Reese, another student published in the book, painted a picture of two cardinals sitting on a tree branch. Lawlis said she wanted to paint them because they represent family members who come visit people after they have passed on. Reese had cardinals visiting her home at the time, and chose to use that as inspiration for her artwork.

Lawlis controlled the creative process throughout the design stages of putting the book together. Student Treasures gave her an option to use a kit or upload the artwork online, and Lawlis chose the latter. Once the design of the book was complete Lawlis submitted it for publishing.

Parents can order a book and the class who creates the book gets one for their classroom. Every student ordered their copy of the book and they were delivered to The Artsy Bean on May 15. Those interested in ordering a copy of the book can do so at

Lawlis is planning on taking one of the books to local libraries in Chilton County to see if they would be interested in adding it to their archives.

“The children who stick with our classes from year to year will be able to reintroduce a new piece of artwork next year and see where they have come from,” Lawlis said.

The Artsy Bean features three art classes available and is expanding to include musical arts. Russell Lawlis, Deanna’s husband, will host acoustic, electric and bass guitar classes as well as a ukulele class in June.