Meditation offers new ways to chill out

Published 4:36 pm Monday, March 20, 2023

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Editor’s note: This article originally published in Chilton County Wellness. Copies are available at The Clanton Advertiser office, 1109 Seventh St. N in Clanton.


In the world of modern holistic treatments, meditation methods and practices are at the top of the list. Not only is it an alternative to medication, but it offers a new way for people to explore their minds and thoughts and better understand who they are as a person.

Megan Jones, one of the meditation practitioners at Skye Apothecary in Clanton, began holding meditation sessions seven months ago. Jones said she knew about the community at Skye through a friend, and she met Skye Apothecary owner Rebekah Nevins on a visit to the apothecary. Jones’ friend encouraged her to tell Nevins the meditation practices she had taken up in recent months.

“(Meditation) is such an important part, especially as a beginner, to be aware of your thoughts and know how to keep yourself open to accepting new things through meditation,” Rebekah Nevins said. “I knew if I had someone that was structured enough to teach the meditation classes … It would help even the starters learn how to do it, how to grow and how to get into deeper meditation.”

Jones’ interest in meditation began “because of her own spiral.” She had every reason in the world to be happy — a house, a car, husband and kids, but she still felt like there was something missing, and that she was not living for herself anymore.

“I heard about meditation, and I tried it, and it made me more aware of myself when I was feeling upset or depressed,” Jones said. “It then allowed me to troubleshoot the issue and figure out what I need to do to work with this feeling and allow myself to feel it and heal it, or just release it.”

One of the various way’s meditation can help is for one to be more mindful about how they react to things. Jones said personally, since taking up meditation, she has seen an improvement in how she responds to conflict, stress or when she is feeling emotional or anxious.

Jones said in addition to helping those with anxiety, meditation is proven to help people with ADD, ADHD or

other problems with focusing. It helps people know where their thoughts come from, and filter out what needs to be there and does not. The mind is going to keep thinking whether one tells it to or not.

“People that have a hard time focusing, paying attention, slowing down their mind down or fidgeting … It really helps them through that without any type of medication,” Jones said. “Having a consistent practice, there are studies that say it is just as effective as taking a regular medication. It helps people get familiar with their own thoughts and the way their own mind operates.”

Meditation is for anyone, whether you have been doing it for 20 years or want to try it for the first time. Beginners may have heard stereotypes about meditation where one has to sit still, be quiet, close their eyes and not have any thoughts.

However, that is not the case.

“There is no way you can never have thoughts,” Jones said. “It is not about having no thoughts, but having awareness of your thoughts and allowing yourself to control the thought and say ‘I will come back later.’”

Jones’ suggests meditation beginners be open-minded.

“If you do have hesitations, doubts or fears, just ask us. We would be happy to answer any questions about meditation,” Jones said. “We have so many different people who come from different backgrounds that want to help people and heal people in different ways. It makes a family, and that is what I love the most about this community.”

After beginning to practice at Skye, Jones met the sound healer at Skye, Trish Nevins, and they decided to put their skills together to create a whole new meditation experience.

Jones’ style of meditation is called guided meditation. The guided portion of the meditation is so one “is able to quiet the body and mind, and lower any tension, stress or any type of active nervous system and fall into a state of relaxation.”

“We will get a group of people together who want to have a guided meditation experience where we will have a specific intention that we want to achieve through the meditation,” Jones said.

The different sounds played during the meditation sessions by Trish Nevins have benefits that help one balance their energy in their body as well.

In January 2023, Jones worked on a lot of inter work, healing and letting go of things in her sessions.

“It is to connect with that inner child so that we can really heal any wounds that may have happened in their childhood, but also be able to allow that playful, innocent part of you back into your everyday (life),” Jones said.

Jones style takes people on a walk, and lets her intuition guide people to be aware. It is the person’s own thoughts, and they come up with what they are thinking about. The other meditation practitioner at Skye Doug Ward’s style is a more interactive meditation experience where he talks people through exercises while they are meditating.

Ward’s style works best with people who have really bad anxiety.

“In my guided practices, it is more about connecting to that inner part of yourself, and I try to guide you through that,” Jones said.

Jones said even meditating for just one minute a day can have lasting positive impacts on people. It is all about what one can do, and how much time they have in a day to develop a meditation process.

Those looking to get involved with meditation can visit Skye Apothecary at 1701 Seventh Street in Clanton and speak with Jones about available classes. Jones offers private meditation sessions and intuitive coaching that helps with spiritual and life

coaching as well.