OPINION: Print is continuing to serve community

Published 9:36 am Thursday, March 9, 2023

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By JOYANNA LOVE | Managing Editor

Every reader is important to community journalism. Readers of The Clanton Advertiser access content in a variety of ways. Some get the print edition delivered to their home. Some buy a paper on Wednesday or Saturday out of the rack. Some access content on our website. Some see it through news apps that correlate information based on location. Some get our daily email with links to top stories. Everyone has their favorite way to get information, and we want to serve them all.

Print may seem to be the way of the past for some, but print is here to stay at The Clanton Advertiser. As a company, digital readership has been growing, but we never want to forget about our loyal print readers. This company is dedicated to keeping a print circulation presence.

Keeping a print edition is not simply holding on to a time honored tradition, it is a way to ensure that we are serving as many people as possible in this community.

I remember one day a customer came in to renew her print subscription saying how she looked forward to the paper every day, and it was the way she knew what was going on. I said to myself, “and that is why I will always defend a print edition.” The print edition is vital to help community members stay informed that would not access the information otherwise.

Parents and grandparents still buy multiple copies when their athlete, pageant queen or student are in the paper to be put into scrapbooks.

There is something about being able to tangibly hold something in a world where things seem to change so quickly.