Column: Boogity, boogity, boogity, let’s bring back racing

Published 3:09 pm Friday, February 17, 2023

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By Carey Reeder | Staff Writer

As most everyone knows, I am a massive NASCAR fan. The Daytona 500 is this Sunday, and NASCAR is celebrating its 75th year in 2023. I was doing some research for a story before Christmas and looking through some old newspapers from the late 1990s when I came across “That’s Racin’.” It is was a syndicated page that featured a big feature story in NASCAR and gave updates, points standings and commentary on the page as well.

For months I have been trying to figure out a way to merge both my love for motorsports and the local community here in Chilton County. I finally caught a break when I met Billy Wilkins, owner and founder of Buckshot Speedway. Wilkins built Buckshot Speedway in 2020-2021 and has since transformed it into one of the best dirt tracks in Alabama. Hundreds of people flock to Buckshot Speedway every Saturday to see their favorite local drivers battle it out.

I have done a lot of thinking and talking with Wilkins, and I think it is time we bring back the “That’s Racin’” page, but with a localized flavor to it. With racing every Saturday night at Buckshot Speedway, I would be able to have a recap of all the action in the midweek paper with results, points standings updates and anything that went on at Buckshot Speedway on Saturday. That will take up a large portion of the proposed page.

My goal is to incorporate NASCAR into the page as well to keep the same feel as the old “That’s Racin’” page. I want to develop a new name for the page and incorporate one story about NASCAR, essentially like a recap of the NASCAR action from the weekend before. I want to add a small preview box for the upcoming weekend’s race, a box for the cup series point standings and a spot where a weekly poll can be conducted to get local NASCAR fans voices heard.

The only way this page will be able to be done is with the help of the local racing fans here in Chilton County, and I think I can connect with hundreds of those people, if it is done the right way.

The last time “That’s Racin’” was published in The Clanton Advertiser was March 11, 2001, almost 22 years ago. This page will bring back a nostalgic factor to the newspaper, but this time have a much more localized theme to it. It will provide new and interesting content for readers and possibly open new eyes up to the world of motorsports that runs so deep in central Alabama.

I need the public’s comments and suggestions regarding bringing back this page, whether one is for or against it. Send comments to It will take everyone in the community to make it happen, but I have seen the crowds that flock to the local dirt track, and I know there are so many motorsports fans here in Chilton County that would love to have their voices heard.