OPINION: Choosing a year of celebration

Published 4:00 pm Friday, December 30, 2022

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By JOYANNA LOVE | Managing Editor

Happy new year!

Whether you stay up until midnight to ring in the new year or not, I hope 2023 has a happy start to it for all of you.

With the passing of New Year’s Day, the officially recognized holiday season has come to a close. Some are relieved and ready to get back to their schedule. Some wish it never had to end. In some ways, it does not have to.

The joyous and happy feelings that come with the celebrations can be felt throughout 2023, no matter the day. What usually makes the holiday season so special is the anticipation, family/friends, food and pleasant surprises. These are things that can be present any time of the year. Something does not have to be a big to everyone to be special to you. Chilton County has several celebrations built into the year that many from other places might not understand. Those new to the area might not understand what the big deal is about a peach or a strawberry, but the festivals created around these fruits are full of anticipation, family/friends and food to make them a special time for the community

Growing up, my family had several spur of the moment celebrations with happy surprises. It could have been dad surprising everyone with pizza and a movie on a Friday when he came home from work or going out to eat to celebrate recent good news and accomplishments.

Get-togethers, parties, fun food and surprises do not have to end with the holiday season. I had a pastor when I lived in Tennessee who liked to point out that the Bible says more about feasting that it does fasting. There are simple ways to keep the joy and fun.

Celebrate the little victories this year. Have a few friends over on a random day just because. Learn a new recipe or skill that can be shared. Whatever you choose in 2023, choose joy.