Published 10:19 am Thursday, December 15, 2022

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The following deeds were transferred in Chilton County from Dec. 8-14.

December 8

George Willard Green and Rose Louellen Green to Angelina M. Green, Casey D. Green, James W. Green, Jason F. Green and Mandy L. McCrackin for $1 for Section 16, Township 23 North, Range 13 East.


December 9

Chance Parker Ellison to Wesley Wargo and Jessica Wargo for $325,000 for Section 25, Township 23 North, Range 14 East.

Alliosn Williamson and Chase Williamson to Allen J. Turcotte for $213,900 for Section 19, Township 22, Range 15.

Amanda Welch to Blake E. Majors for $197,000 for Lots 3 and 4 of the Rockett Addition to the city of Clanton.

Lois Roth and Roger Roth to William O. Sanders for $130,000 for Section 12, Township 23, Range 15.

Robert V. Pinkerton to Alexandrea Price and Richard C. Price for $235,000 for Section 18, Township 22 North, Range 15 East.

Michael B. Lowery and Tresha Lowery to Tammy J. Bailey for $12,000 for Section 23, Township 21 North, Range 14 East.

Margaret Ashley Ford to The Estate of Michael Edward Ford for $10 for Lot 325 of the Walnut Creek Peninsula Subdivision.


December 12

Joseph Moates and Julies Moates to Burneal Sandlin and Thomas E. Sandlin for $284,000 for Lot 5 of Block 2 of the Eastwood Manor Subdivision.

Monica Rice and The Estate of Marcia T. Rice to John W. Rice and Luke H. Rice for $18,500 for Section 15, Township 24 North, Range 13 East.

Donna Fogarty-Conservator and Willie I. Stripling to Jose Luis Gonzales for $56,200 for Section 32, Township 22 North, Range 14 East.


December 13

Elaine Avery to Keith Avery for $1,000 for Section 14, Township 23 North, Range 14 East.

Sheri Moates to Sheri Moates and Valerie Smitherman for $100 for Section 25, Township 23 North, Range 14 East.

Andrew Miller and Brittany Miller to Brian Hughes-Contreras for $104,000 for Section 36, Township 22, Range 14.

Alan Diseker and James Holmes to Dennis Mobley for $100 for Section 15, Township 20 North, Range 16 East.

Donald F. Lawley to Brittany Pearce Yeargan and William Bradley Yeargan for $10 for Section 12, Township 21, Range 11.

Kyle Dennis and Rachelle Dennis to Jennifer Elliot and Michael R. Milwee for $50,000 for Section 8, Township 21 North, Range 15 East.

Hollie Levins and Avery McCarley to Katie Blackmon for $150,000 for Section 29, Township 22 North, Range 15 East.

Ashley Waldrep Ferguson and Christopher C. Ferguson to Johnna Newton for $60,000 for Lot 2 of the Maplewood Garden Homes Subdivision.


December 14

Brian Cobb to Roberto Baiza and Nora Toledo for $260,000 for Section 17, Township 24 North, Range 13 East.

Jimmy Wayne Glazner to Jimmy Wayne Glazner and Brooke N. Williams for $100 for Lot 3 of the Yellowleaf Manor Estates.