Clanton offers alternative to prohibited alleyway parking downtown

Published 4:05 pm Monday, December 5, 2022

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By JOYANNA LOVE | Managing Editor

Clanton is working to address parking issues to get drivers who are parking in downtown alleys to stop.

“The law says that you can’t park in an alley,” Mayor Jeff Mims said. “They are for emergency vehicles only.”

Mims said this law was set when firetrucks were smaller and could fit in an alley, but law enforcement does sometimes need access to the alleys.

To help drivers have options with the limited parking available, Mims said he has talked to business owners located near alleys, and they have agreed to allow people who are customers of other businesses to use their parking lot when they are closed.

The alleys near Second Avenue have been the main concern in the past year. The area between the River Bank & Trust drive-thru lanes and the next building is also considered an alley. Traffic tickets are being written for those who park in alleyways.

“We have been verbally warning people for over a year not to park there,” Mims said.

Clanton Police Chief Erick Smitherman said there is also a safety issue with drivers backing out of alleys because pedestrians are not expecting a vehicle there.

Parking on sidewalks is also prohibited.

“We have closed a couple alleys to walk traffic only,” Mims said.

These alleys are located by The Frozen Goat to access the parking lot behind the building and one off of Sixth Avenue. Cones will be put up on these alleys to mark them, yet still allow law enforcement to get through if needed.

Mims said additional handicapped spaces have not been added near downtown restaurants because it would further limit the spaces available. Smitherman said there are two handicapped parking spaces near Corner Park and one near Main Street Café, which puts someone within a block of just about everything downtown.