Commission pleased with the beautification efforts in downtown Clanton

Published 2:53 pm Wednesday, October 26, 2022

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By Carey Reeder | Staff Writer

The Chilton County Commission expressed their happiness with the beautification efforts in downtown Clanton such as the new lights that were hung across Second Avenue North. Commissioner Joe Headley thanked the city for their work during his commissioner report.

“I think someone really needs to give them (a beautification award), they have done a real good job downtown, and it really looks good,” Headley said. “That just goes to show you what you can do and get done if everyone works together.”

“I agree with you,” commissioner Allen Williams said. “Clanton is looking good.”

Commissioners Matthew Mims, Joseph Parnell and Darrell Bone were absent from the meeting. Williams had to abstain from voting on the claims list due to a personal conflict, which left Chairman Jimmie Hardee, Commissioner Randell Kelley and Headley voting in favor.

That sparked a discussion on whether the commission can pass motions with the majority of the quorum, which is the minimum number of members of a governing body that must be present to make a meeting valid, or if they need a vote from the entire commission.

Hardee said county attorney Roger Bates said the majority of the quorum present is needed to pass a motion. However, Williams said the rules of the commission says motions need a vote from all seven members.

“We need to get this cleared up … (Bates) told us that this commission years ago adopted this rule that it was the majority of the quorum, but Mr. Williams cannot find that,” Kelley said.

Headley, who is the longest tenured commissioner, said he believed that a full vote was needed to pass a motion since he began as commissioner.

Kelley asked Williams to have Bates show him where that rule is at. If he cannot find it, Kelley asked Williams to bring a resolution to the next meeting to establish the rule more clearly for the commission. Hardee said if there is a misstep in the voting, the commission will fix that at their next meeting.

The commission approved the resignation of Mims from the Industrial Development Authority board, and opened nominations to fill the position. The term is set to expire on Sept. 24, 2023. Kelley nominated Rick Green, and Headley nominated Justin Killingsworth. The nominations will remain open for two meetings, and voting on the appointment will be held during the second commission meeting in November.

Also, at the meeting, the commission:

  • Approved hiring six corrections officers at the jail, a new janitorial hire for the commission and two hires for the road department.
  • Approved pay raises for the litter department.
  • Approved to sell four small parcels of land the county owned, and the funds from the sale will go into the courthouse fund.
  • Approved the RV rental forms for Higgins Ferry and Minooka Park and the boat storage agreement for Higgins Ferry.
  • Approved anti-slip mats for the front entrance landing of the courthouse.