Commission weighs in on P25 system payments

Published 11:54 am Wednesday, August 24, 2022

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By Carey Reeder | Staff Writer

The Chilton County Commission discussed the Chilton County Board of Education not having the $42,600 payment for phase one of the P25 system yet at its Aug. 23 meeting. The school board has until Sept. 1 to make the payment or the service to the radios will be shut off, according to the 911 board meeting on July 29. A letter from the 911 board was also sent to the BOE to notify them of the pending due date.

Commissioners Jimmie Hardee, Matthew Mims and Allen Williams were absent from the meeting.

The payment, which all four municipalities and the county have already made, covers the infrastructure and tower that was erected in phase one of the project. Terra Scott, the 911 board director, said at the July 29 meeting the BOE told her they cannot pay for infrastructure.

As of the commission meeting on Aug. 23, the 911 board said they have exhausted all avenues to try and obtain that payment from the BOE with no success. Commissioner Joseph Parnell said he does not want to have to make a claim against or sue the school board, but “they have a legal obligation to carry their portion of the contract.”

The commission asked the 911 board to look into what the late penalties are, if the payment can be made after Sept. 1 and what date that payment becomes delinquent. The commission needs a 24-hour notice to hold an emergency meeting to address the payment if it becomes delinquent.

The commission approved and awarded the bid for a new Emergency Management Agency vehicle to Hendrick Chevrolet and to be paid for out of the general fund balance.

Commissioner Joe Headley asked for a resolution to award retired county employees a bonus that is available to them, which Laura Jones asked the commission to consider at the Aug. 16 work session. Headley asked for the bonus be awarded to the retirees since it has not been approved since 2015. There was not a second, and the motion died on the floor.

Higgins Ferry Park Ranger Donald Giles asked the commission for a resolution to approve the purchase of an ATV from John Deere. Giles, who is purchasing new equipment for the park, already had a Kubota ATV lined up for purchase, but it was not available. The resolution for Giles to purchase the ATV from John Deere was approved unanimously by the commission.

The commission unanimously approved a resolution to advertise and hire a replacement for an employee in their janitorial services. The current employee put their resignation in for Sept. 5.

Commissioner Darrell Bone said the ice machine at Higgins Ferry is up, running and ice is flowing at the park.

The commission voted unanimously to accept and reject the bid for their IT services. The commission said they will reenter for new bids or negotiate with the one they already received.

There were no new nominations for the positions open on the Industrial Development Authority board.

Also, during the meeting, the Commission:

  • Approved an alcohol license for Pioneer2 Investments and Development LLC.
  • Approved the sheriff’s office to reclassify Keith Crosby as a school resource officer at Verbena High School and Devana Little as an SRO at Verbena Elementary School effective Aug. 20.
  • Approved the road department to remove Roy Holley from the payroll effective Aug. 31 because he is retiring and advertise and hire a replacement CDL driver.
  • Approved the resignation of a transit operator, a request to advertise and hire a replacement and approved a temporary full-time transit operator effective Aug. 24. Also reinstated eight vehicles for the transit department.
  • Approved the road department to pass the 2023 county transportation plan and a few line item transfers.