Published 12:05 pm Friday, August 5, 2022

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The following deeds were transferred in Chilton County from July 28-Aug. 3.

July 28

Hannah Lillian Campbell to Joseph Bartley and Vanessa Bartley for $199,900 for Lot 6 of Gores Green Acres.

Alabama Better Built Homes Inc. to Cade Mathew Williams and Tiffany Williams for $157,269 for Section 27, Township 21 North, Range 15 East.

Tony Gore to Phillip Rhodes and Victoria Rhodes for $292,500 for Section 29, Township 22 North, Range 14 East.

Jamelv E. Morrow to Melvin Morrow and Queen Agee Morrow for $100 for Section 21, Township 21 North, Range 12 East.

Dirt Sculpting LLC to DS Land Investment LLC for $500 for Section 25, Township 24 North, Range 13 East.


July 29

Scott McKee and Brittany Wilson to Adam Douglas Tucker and Alissa Tucker for $275,000 for Lot 28 of Chapel Trace, Phase 1.

Todd A. Manning to Kevin Knebel and Tina Marie Knebel for $130,000 for Lot 43 of Gravel Branch.

Shirley A. Cleckler to Lane Collins and Brianna Driver for $1 for Section 23, Township 21 North, Range 14 East.

Jeremy Smith to Marvin Anthony Wilson and Sheila Delois Wilson for $35,000 for Section 35, Township 22 North, Range 12 East.

Charles H. Durham and Leslie Attaway to Charles H. Durham III and Leslie Attaway Durham for $1 for Lot 18 of Blue Creek Lodge Subdivision.


Aug. 1

Alley Bryan Smith to Leeann Marie Marsden for $145,000 for Lot A of W.A. Crowson’s Glendale Addition to the City of Clanton.

Alan M. Neeley to Danny Wade for $500 for Section 15, Township 21 North, Range 15 East.

Annie M. Till to Annie M. Till for $1,000 for Lot 44 of Lake Mitchell, Chilton County Plat No. 2.

Estate of Claire Glynn Ward Shisler Rogers, Cynthia Sexton Personal Representative to Austin Claire Reynolds for $100 for Section 17, Township 20 North, Range 16 East.


Aug. 2

Cheryl Lynn Vines and Roger Vines to Simpson Glick & Burford PLLC 401 (K) for $60,000 for Lot 2 of Billingsley Plat No. 2.

Nancy Cheryl Harris to Kristi Harris Mims and Tina Harris Trammel for $100 for Section 4, Township 21 North, Range 14 East.

Kourtney Brooke Mills to Alfredo Luna Rodriguez for $100 for Section 27, Township 24 North, Range 12 East.

Michael G. Drewry Sr. and Carole R. Littleton to Crystal Gail Smith for $235,000 for Lot 8 of Hunter’s Ridge Subdivision.

Thomas C. Wright and Tommy C. Wright to BHM Growth Investors LLC for $110,000 for Lots 4-L, 5-L and 6-L of Briarcliff Estates.

Mary Ann Carden to Elijah Littlefield for $145,000 for Lot No. 7 of Gores Greenacres No. 2.

Carol Crawford and Fred Crawford to Philip D. Metz for $80,000 for Lot 28 of Alaga Landing Subdivision.


Aug. 3

Michelle G. Thomas to Cathryn Leah Dyer Green for $1,000 for land on Second Avenue.

Louie Curklin Jordan to Brenda Renee Jordan and Louie Curklin Jordan for $1 for Section 12, Township 23 North, Range 15 East.

Brian Hillman Giles to Victor Cruz Corona and Maria De Los Angeles Bravo Sosa for $2,500 for Section 11, Township 20 North, Range 12 East.

Anita P. Harris to Brian Giles for $110,000 for Section 20, Township 20 North, Range 12 East.

Melanie H. Boggs and Roderick P. Boggs to The Industrial Development Board of the City of Clanton $233,500 for Lots 1 and 17 of W.M. Adams Addition to the City of Clanton.