Column: First Chilton County peach is one to remember

Published 11:54 am Friday, July 1, 2022

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By Carey Reeder | Staff Writer

The first thing people told me about Chilton County when I arrived on Valentine’s Day of this year, after the high school football scene, was the peaches. Everyone I spoke to raved about peaches, and how Chilton County is the best place for them in the south.

It was winter, and peach season was nowhere in sight. However, the long wait to try my first Chilton County peach came to an end at the Peach Jam Jubilee on June 25.

My first Peach Week was a great experience to see how much the communities in Chilton County come together for a common goal to honor the peach farmers. From the run, to the parade, the auction and jubilee, it was all a great time.

I was able to get some peaches from the basket our publication purchased at the auction. My first thought seeing them was the size of them. I heard they grow to massive sizes, but I was not expecting softball-sized peaches. The color of them were gorgeous, and you could feel the plumpness in your hand.

When I got home after the jubilee, after a shower and sunburn treatment, I washed the peaches and planned to use them to make a cobbler. I sliced the peach to the pit, and the peach twisted apart effortlessly. I cut it into slices, and the juice just flowed out onto the cutting board.

I took my first bite, and the flavor was so deep and rich. The peaches were so juicy and had a unique sweet taste that was not too overbearing. I finished cutting up the peaches and added the ingredients to make the cobbler. The finished product was a golden-brown top and a runny layer underneath, which I prefer. I think the juiciness of the peaches contributed a lot to how runny the bottom layer was.

There are many things in life people said you have to try or do, and the end result is underwhelming. Well, this was not one of those experiences. Chilton County peaches are the best fruit I have ever had.

The fruit has lived up to the hype.