Suits Me enhancing men’s fashion in Clanton

Published 12:59 pm Thursday, June 16, 2022

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By Carey Reeder | Staff Writer

Lisa Nicholas has been interested in bringing a men’s clothing store to Chilton County for many years. In the 1930s, Chicago Sales Co. was registered as a company who sold men’s clothing here. Bennett’s Department Store opened later on in Clanton, but closed later as well.

Recently, Lisa and Carl Nicholas decided to take it upon themselves to create a men’s clothing store in Clanton to meet the need.

“Since Bennett’s closed, there has been nowhere to buy men’s clothes. I have been trying to get different people for like 15 years to do it, but no one would,” Lisa Nicholas said. “It just fell in our lap.”

Lisa Nicholas has lived in Chilton County since 1987. She said she has not always been interested in clothes, but Carl Nicholas encouraged her to take on the business. The couple looked through Chilton County locations and settled on 1002 Seventh St. South in Clanton. Lisa Nicholas said it was the perfect combination of parking access and affordability for her.

“I knew she wanted to do it, so I just told her to go for it,” Carl Nicholas said.

Suits Me has many different types of men’s clothing such as suits, shirts, pants, shorts and underwear. Suits Me also has a number of accessories for men like socks, belts and sunglasses. Lisa said they are also getting in swimming trunks soon for the summer months.

Jim Shannon, who was the first person to shop at Suits Me on opening day on June 15, has lived in Clanton his whole life.

Shannon said he remembers Bennett’s being around and is excited about Suits Me offering men like himself an option in town.

“I like it because you can come in and get what you want,” Shannon said. “You can get a gift, it is nice stuff, and I am going to get myself a few suits today.”

Suits Me is a three-person team with Debbie Burch serving as the manager of the store.

July 2 will serve as the big grand opening for the business with giveaway bags and new items, and hot dogs and ice cream will be available as well.

“We are going to be partying down here on the corner,” Burch said.

Suits Me is adding a big size vendor to its clothing lines to match the tall clothes they have in stock.

“If someone sees something, or knows of something that they want, come and we will see if we can get it,” Lisa Nicholas said.

Lisa Nicholas said the shop is actively looking for an on-site tailor to hire.