Commission officially puts hold on IDA funding

Published 2:40 pm Wednesday, June 15, 2022

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By Carey Reeder | Staff Writer

The Chilton County Commission voted to suspend appropriation to the Industrial Development Authority at its June 14 meeting. The resolution was presented in the consent agenda during the meeting.

Chairman Jimmie Hardee was not present for the meeting.

After the consent agenda was read, Commissioner Joe Headley asked about the future of the funding and projects. Commissioner Matthew Mims, who also serves on the Industrial Development Authority board, said the appropriation hold would be temporary.

“The money that had been appropriated for it the last few years had been to work toward the (Exit) 212 project,” Mims said. “We do not need that large sum of money anymore, so we still have some left in our budget to work with. When the next project comes along, we will come back, and we will do amendments then, if needed.”

The money already appropriated will remain in the Commission’s IDA fund to be used only for “rural and economic development,” according to Commissioner Joseph Parnell.

The resolution was passed along with the rest of the consent agenda unanimously.

Mims also said the IDA will be transferring the wetland mitigation credits for the Exit 212 project back to the county and city of Clanton.

Roads were also a big topic during the meeting.

Public comments were made by Mickey Bates about County Road 264. He indicated that the residents who reside on the road have put together $250,000 of their own money to hopefully partner with the county to fix the road. The project would cost over $500,000.

The Commission could not pass a resolution until the budget is set for next year. However, Parnell said the county should bid out the project before the price of materials continues to rise.

Commissioner Allen Williams suggested a process of fixing the road that was not asphalt. Williams said it would be a cheaper alternative, which Bates said he would gladly take a look at in the next few weeks. The topic was tabled until after that option was explored.

Tony Wearren of the Road Department said the Dirt Road Reclamation Project received a bid to clean out the ditches along dirt roads throughout Chilton County. The bid was from Chilton Contractors, but the Commission deemed it out of budget and voted to reject the bid.

Williams requested a resolution to bill Norfolk Southern for the cleanup of debris on a road in Stanton that was caused by a train. Williams and others removed the debris themselves after having the road blocked for almost 24 hours. The resolution was approved for the road department to get the bill together.

A resolution to rebid the Chilton County Jail’s janitorial services was passed after the rules were suspended to make the motion. AlaPro, who held the current bid, could no longer honor their prices.

Also, during the meeting the Commission:

  • Approved the alcohol license for Cindy Singh at C and S Food Mart LLC.
  • Approved to accept a quote for a cement pad and cover for an ice machine at Higgins Ferry.
  • Approved new hire Philip Hamby and Thomas Robinson III as a full-time corrections officers effective June 14 at the Sheriff’s Office.
  • Approved a pay increase for Tiffany Easterling effective June 25 at the commission office.
  • Approved the resignation of truck drivers Jonathan B. Goggins, Morgan W. Scarbrough, Shunn D. Ellison and Chris Van Wart from the road department.
  • Approved permission for the road department to advertise and hire four truck drivers.
  • Approved new hire Johnathan Roseberry as a full-time laborer for the ROW crew effective June 15.
  • Approved the reclassification of Lisa Naughton from a full-time operator to a part-time transit operator, Jasmine Agee from a part-time operator to a full-time transit operator and approved the request to advertise and hire a part-time transit operator.
  • Approved a request to pay for air conditioning repairs at the Chilton County jail in the amount of $2,092.50 from the Special Jail Maintenance Fund.
  • Approved a resolution to continue to collect the existing $5 county title fees on all title applications.
  • Approved a request to approve the Safety Coordinator Resolution and a $500 stipend.
  • Approved a request to relocate the June 21 work session to Judge Chris Speaks courtroom.
  • Approved a resolution to hire for cleaning services at the tag office after the current service provider resigned.
  • Approved the preliminary plat for Lake Views Estates.
  • Approved to adopt the Division D Hazard Mitigation Plan.
  • Approved to surplus eight transit vehicles.