Column: Stop and smell the peaches

Published 12:59 pm Friday, June 3, 2022

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By Carey Reeder | Staff Writer

Recently, I had the privilege of attending three of the six high school graduations across Chilton County. It brought back a lot of memories that seemed so long ago, but are just a handful of years ago.

Seeing the high school seniors celebrate their accomplishments throughout high school with their friends and family was great to see. It reminded me of after my high school graduation, getting all of my friends together for a group photo with our cap and gowns on.

High school graduations are more meaningful than college graduations. At high school graduations, you get to celebrate yourself and others with people you have more than likely known for a good part of 10 years. At college graduation, you are more relieved that it is over more than anything. But nonetheless, this is a great achievement that should be celebrated as such.

At each graduation, I heard many speeches. Throughout them all, I heard many of the same sentiments of congratulations and good luck to the class in their next step in life “whether they will be in college, the military or the workforce.”

It is always good to have your future planned out, but take your time getting there. Enjoy the summer, and take a few months to enjoy the accomplishment of graduating high school. The future will always be there.

Some may have to jump right into their next chapter, and that is okay. If the time allows, still be a kid for a few more months because the “grown up life” is fast approaching, and it will move quicker than the high school years ever did.

There is no better time to attack the world than right after high school, so be calculated in how you do that. If your plan is not solidified right now, that is not a problem. No one is rushing to grow up, and everyone ages at the same rate.

My summer after my high school graduation was spent doing nothing but hanging out with friends. So, go out this summer and take your friends to Peach Park or go swimming at Higgins Ferry. Be a kid for as long as you can, and do not rush into the next chapter.

Good luck to all of the class of 2022 graduates across the county.