Tech Changemakers share tips

Published 12:20 pm Wednesday, May 25, 2022

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By Carey Reeder | Staff Writer

The Chilton County Extension Office brought the 4-H Tech Changemakers team to the Senior Connection in Clanton to offer a helping hand to technological problems on May 23.

The Tech Changemakers brings youth together with adults to help bridge the gap of the growing new technology in the world. Over 500 teens across 18 states are involved in the Tech Changemakers program, according to the 4-H website.

“We help teach youth skills to communicate better with older residents,” Tech Changemakers supervisor Sherry Carter said. “We help older residents understand technology better and resolve technology issues.”

Carter travels to senior centers across the southern half of Alabama scheduling events to help residents with technology concerns. The program focuses on a different way to help people understand technology each year, and this year the older generation is the focal point.

Corvis Crowson was among the Tech Changemakers who worked with the Senior Connection members at the May 23 event. Crowson has experience with various forms of technology and was helping Betty Houston access some items on her smartphone.

“I’m not too well versed in the phones, but it is fun to help,” Crowson said. “I really enjoy helping people and being able to assist people like (Houston).”

Houston was able to figure out how to easily access certain items in her phone with the help of Crowson.

“My kids pick at me, but when we were growing up we did not have one of these (cell phones),” Houston said. “He is smart cookie.”

Other members of the Senior Connection were interested in getting help on their iPads and Fitbits.