Election guide for May 24 primary

Published 8:35 am Monday, May 23, 2022

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Editor’s note: Below is information or a way to find information on candidates for the majority of the races in the May 24 primary election.

Local races 

Chilton County Sheriff

Robbie Autery

Political party:  Republican

Education: High School Diploma, 18 years of law enforcement training and continuing education.

Short message to voters:

I have almost 20 years of law enforcement experience. With over 70% of all crimes related to drugs, it’s time we aggressively pursue those who sell these drugs and that choose to break the law. Our county is hurting with the rising crime, drugs, addiction and overdoses and statistics show this. I will be a working sheriff from day one, not just during election time. I humbly ask for your vote for sheriff on May 24 in the Republican primary. God Bless.


John Shearon (incumbent)

Political Party:  Republican

Education: High School graduate of Billingsley High School, APOST Certified, many law enforcement certifications and specialty schools including Certified Arson Investigator, Certified Hostage Negotiator, Protecting America’s Schools, Evidence Collection, DOJ Grants Financial Management and many others.

Short message to voters:

I have been honored to serve you as your sheriff for the last seven years. Some of the progress we have made includes staying in budget and being fiscally responsible with your tax dollars each year. Working with the county commission to increase our budget, adding more personnel to patrol, investigations and corrections with our part of the one cent sales tax money. Worked to obtain updated patrol cars and equipment for deputies to do their jobs better and safely. We were able to add an additional investigator to the narcotics unit as well as enacted a mutual agreement (Task Force) in 2019 with the City of Clanton to combat drugs effectively through a team effort, as well as an investigator assigned to the DEA Task force since 2018. We have participated in events to teach our children about making good life choices and the dangers of drugs every year since 2015. Implemented School Resource Officers in the unincorporated schools with the help of the Board of Education and the County Commission. Expanded our chaplain program and jail ministry, hopefully to show inmates that they can make better choices with God’s help. Sponsored Citizen Firearm’s and Citizen Self Defense classes to keep our citizen’s safe. Obtained an ADECA grant for radios as well as other grants for speed sign and reimbursement money spent on inmates during COVID. Some of our future goals include continuing to build on the Task Force in place to include municipalities in the county, seek additional grants and federal funding, focus on patrolling county roads and fighting all crimes that affect you. I also want to work with our SRO program and our school system to educate our children and keep our schools safe. My commitment to our community remains the same. I promise to keep the citizens of this great county first in everything the Sheriff’s Office does. I have had and will continue to have an open-door policy as long as I am sheriff. I would love to talk to you about any issues or concerns you may have. I want to personally thank each of you for your support and ask for your vote on May 24.


Chilton County Superintendent of Education

Corey Clements is running unopposed at this point.


Chilton County Coroner

Aaron Ellison running unopposed at this point.

District races

19th Judicial Circuit District Attorney

Jennifer Mae Holton




CJ Robinson 

Education: Chilton Co. HS 2001, Univ. of Montevallo 2003 (Political Science), Mississippi College School of Law 2006 (Juris Doctorate), Alabama Advanced Criminal Justice Academy 2017

Short message to voters:

I have served the people of Chilton, Autauga, and Elmore Counties as a prosecutor for 15 years. For the last 10 years as the Chief Deputy District Attorney, I have prosecuted the capital murders and other high-profile cases. Over the last several years, our retiring DA (Randall Houston) has included me in managing every aspect of the DA’s Office. I’ve had the opportunity to implement my own ideas into our nine divisions and incorporate technology to save overhead, increase multi-county collaboration, and improve our overall efficiency.

In 2015, the Alabama District Attorney’s Association named me Alabama’s Assistant District Attorney of the Year after securing multiple capital murder convictions including a death penalty verdict for a truly demonic act here in Chilton County. I was also awarded the 2020 Miriam Shehane Award as Alabama’s top victim’s rights advocate by VOCAL (the largest victim’s rights advocacy organization in Alabama) and I now serve as the chairman of that organization.

I am a Christian and I serve at First Baptist Church Clanton in several ways including as a deacon, choir member, security committee chairman, occasional Sunday School teacher and as a trustee. I have also served for over 10 years in a leadership role in the local Republican Party, holding the position of either chairman or vice-chairman since 2011. I have sat on the State Executive Committee for the Republican Party since 2012. I am also a member of the Clanton Lion’s Club and a coach of youth sports (softball and soccer).

I am married to Malia Robinson. She is the guidance counselor at Clanton Middle School. We have two children (ages 4 and 2). Every decision I make on a case is to ultimately make Chilton, Autauga, and Elmore counties a safer place for my family to live.

I would be honored to be your District Attorney and there will not be a learning curve for me. I am experienced, I have proven that I produce results, and I am ready to lead. I humbly ask for your vote on May 24 in the Republican Primary so that I can continue seeking the truth and pursuing justice for you.



19th Judicial Circuit Court Judge, Place 2

Joy Pace Booth




Jessica Sanders




19th Judicial Circuit Court Judge, Place 3 

Amanda Baxley unopposed at this point.


State races


Lindy Blanchard

Political party: Republican



Lew Burdette  

Political party: Republican

Education: University of Alabama

Short message to voters:

Lew Burdette learned business growing up working in his father’s family-owned grocery store in the rural Alabama town of Roanoke. Lew enjoyed a 13-year career with Books-A-Million, holding executive positions including Executive Vice President/Chief Operating Officer. In 1998, Lew founded Kindred, Christian retail superstores, where he was President/Chief Executive Officer. Since October of 2002, Lew has led King’s Home (formerly Hannah Homes and King’s Ranch), a large Alabama, Christian non-profit serving as President. Lew’s top three platform issues when he is elected Governor of Alabama, will be to – End Political Corruption, Advance and Improve Education, and Create Jobs – Thank you for your support in electing Lew as Alabama’s next Republican Governor to move our state forward, a New Leader with New Energy. Help spread Lew’s message and join Team Lew at www.LEWin22.com


Yolanda Rochelle Flowers


Political party: Democrat


Malika Sanders Fortier

Political party: Democrat


Stacy Lee George

Political party: Republican



Tim James

Political party: Republican



Patricia Salter Jamieson

Political party: Democrat

Education: BS degree in Bio-Psychology Health and Development, Licensed Practical Nurse, Certified Cancer Registrar, Certified Clinical Health Coach, Licensed Ordained Minister of The Gospel.

Short message to voters: I’m a working-class citizen who’ve been a public servant all my adult life as a healthcare provider and a Minister of the Gospel. I believe that the Governor should be a servant to All the people. It’s my desire to see all citizens of Alabama whole. If elected as your Governor, I plan to work with the Legislature to implement the following: Establish Livable wages for all Alabamians through Economic development, raise the national ranking of our education system from the bottom to the top. Salary increases for teachers and support personnel, Education lottery, expand Medicare, prison reform, decriminalization of marijuana, focus on providing mental health care clinic and providers in all counties, improve healthcare statewide and provider accessibility to All of Alabama by expanding the role of the nurse practitioner, and focus on family values. Ultimately, I want to see Alabama United because we can do better! Nothing shall be impossible for us to do if we are united.

I ask that you take a moment and go to my website www.pat4governor.org, and I’m asking for your vote on May 24.


Donald Trent Jones

Political party: Republican

Short message to voters:

My name is Donald Trent Jones. I am from Montevallo, Alabama. I entered this race to lead the people of Alabama to a brighter future. I am here to “Make Alabama Grateful Again.” I believe in an attitude of gratitude, yoga, mindfulness and healthy lifestyle.

I graduated from the University of Montevallo cum laude with a degree in foreign languages concentrated in Spanish.

The Great state of Alabama has profound potential to be a key player in this country. Under my leadership I hope to propel us forward toward that brighter future.


Arthur Kennedy

Political party: Democrat


Chad “Chig” Martin

Political party: Democrat

Education: Enterprise High School (AL) 1986; University of Tennessee at Chattanooga 1991

Short message to voters:

Chad Chig Martin is a small businessman based out of Enterprise, Alabama. He owns Thunder Industrial, Honeysuckle Hemp Co. and Martin Mobile Homes.

He is a pro-business candidate that promises to bring high paying jobs with benefits to all parts of the state.

He fully supports an educational lottery.

He is a proponent of natural medicine.

He believes in protecting animals rights.

He wants to stop companies from polluting our lands and waters.


Dean Odle

Political party: Republican


Dave Thomas

Political party: Republican

Education: BBA ’83 University of Montevallo

Short message to voters:

As your governor I will embody our state’s motto “We Dare Defend Our Rights”… whether defending Alabama taxpayers from a tax and spend legislature or fighting the overreach from both Washington AND Montgomery! Making choices for ourselves, not mandates, is what defines our freedom.

It’s time Alabama to shine again as a leader and example for the nation. It’s time Alabama to elect a proven leader with experience and yet is not a career politician; legislative experience (’94-02), small business owner of nearly 30 years, currently serving as Mayor of Springville.

Married 39 years with two children and four grandchildren, I’m just an ordinary man seeking an extraordinary opportunity … and as your governor, we will do amazing things together! His hobbies include skydiving, playing bagpipes, camping and kayaking.

Please vote Dave Thomas for governor. Thank you!


Doug “New Blue” Smith

Political party: Democrat


Dean Young

Political party: Republican


Senate District 14

April Weaver is unopposed at this point.


Senate District 30

Clyde Chambliss, Jr. is unopposed at this point.


Representative District 42

Van Smith is unopposed at this point.


Representative District 49

Russell Bedsole

Party: Republican



Michael Hart

Party: Republican

Position: Alabama State House District 49 (Parts of Bibb, Chilton and Shelby Counties)

Education: Attended both John Carroll and WA Berry Highschool and UAB

To voters: As a former Conservative Talk Radio host (The Michael Hart Show) I witnessed firsthand the dysfunction, waste and gridlock in Montgomery. Too much special interest money influences too many important issues. I’m seeking to represent the citizens of District 49 in improving the way Government manages our affairs in Alabama


National races

U.S. Senator

Lillie Boddie

Political party: Republican

Will Boyd

Political party: Democrat




Katie Britt

Political party: Republican



Mo Brooks

Political party: Republican

Education: Duke University, University of Alabama Law School

Short message to voters:

America faces major challenges. In particular, the foundational principles that have combined to make us the greatest nation in world history — first amendment freedom of speech, second amendment right to bear arms, first amendment freedom of religion the integrity of our election system, free enterprise — are under attack on a daily basis and I hope to be able to defend and promote them.

In the Senate, I have a better opportunity to impact public policy. It has rules that are different than the house that better enables me to stop bad legislation.

The job creators around the United States and around the world have to understand that Alabama has an excellent climate for job creation and making investment profitable. Alabama is a staunchly free enterprise state. We like it when people make profits, and we need to do a better job as a state to market the things that we offer. The second most important vote a person can cast is for the United States Senate. Aside from the presidency, United States Senators have a greater impact on public policy and the direction of our country more so than any other elected office.

I have been elected four times to the state legislature, four times to the Madison county Commission, six times to the United States Congress. I have also served in law enforcement as an assistant district attorney in Tuscaloosa and the district attorney in Madison County. So, I have a long track record of successful public service, and at the same time the majority of my income has come from private sector work.

I believe in terms limits, after a certain period of time in a particular position one needs to move on and allow someone else the opportunity to serve.

I and my wife Maratha have been married for 45 years. We have had four kids, four wonderful kids-in-law and 13 grandkids.


Brandaun Dean

Political party: Democrat

Howard University (continuing student)

The road to the Senate is a coarse one … but it makes all the sense in the world. There is an abstract and imaginative quality to it, but there’s a practical quality to it that Alabama should get its youngest, most ideologically sophisticated and first Black millennial United States senator in its history.



Karla Dupriest

Political party: Republican



Mike Durant

Political party: Republican



Lanny Jackson

Political Party: Democrat

Education: Graduated J.S. Abrams High School 1972, Associate of Science degree In General Education 1989, Troy University and a Bachelor of Arts degree In Political Science, Miles College, 2000

Short message to voters:

Again, my name is Lanny Edward Jackson, I was born January 26th, 1954, I was raised in Bessemer Alabama and after graduating from high school in 1972, I enlisted in the U.S. Army and retired after serving 21 years in the U.S. Army.  I am married to the love of my life Carolyn Jackson, for 48 years. We have two sons in their mid to late 40’s and eight grandchildren, seven girls ages 7 to 24 and one boy 2 years old. I retired from the state of Alabama at the end of 2018, however, I still worked part-time for the Birmingham Public Library since 2007. My main reason for running for office was due to the January 6, 2021`insurrection attack on our nation capital attacking our democracy. To witness in my lifetime and to see seven Alabama elected federal officials support a coup by voting not to certify the election was unacceptable. To serve the United States government, you swear an oath to protect and defend the United States Constitution and not a president. My main goal will be to bring home the federal dollars to Alabama for all of Alabama. Education for our children prepares them for the 21st century jobs by funding and transforming our community college for today’s technology and jobs. To help lead the country for a change to the Constitution for term limits for congress two terms for the senate and six terms for the House of Representatives for a total of twelve years max. career politicians are becoming a threat to our country and our democracy. We must reform our federal court system and the selection of federal judges through a commission by eliminating outside special interest groups out of the process of selecting federal judges.  I will make sure federal dollars will be spent on its intention and not spent on building prisons. I will serve the people of Alabama.

Jake Schafer

Political party: Republican




U.S. Representative, Third Congressional district

 Michael T. Joiner

Political party: Republican



Mike Rogers

Political party: Republican