Thorsby planning to upgrade infrastructure

Published 1:41 pm Tuesday, May 17, 2022

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By Carey Reeder | Staff Writer

The Thorsby City Council discussed a loan they applied for to improve the pipe infrastructure at the May 16 meeting. The council said they applied for a $4 million loan from the State Revolving Fund to help replace lead and galvanized pipes in the water system.

The council weighed options on how to accept the loan, which will give Thorsby $4 million with the city repaying half of the funds. There is a 1.99% interest rate on the loan. The loan will be used to fix the known pipes that need to be replaced, and help doing the inventory for the overall number of pipes in the city that need to be replaced. The inventory needs to be completed by 2024.

The options included receiving half of the $4 million the council applied for with 100% principle forgiveness or receiving the full $4 million with 50% principle forgiveness. The council chose to pursue the full $4 million and pay back half funds.

“We want to show we are working toward fixing the known problems,” Mayor Robert Hight said. “Hopefully, then we’ll get more assistance down the road.”

The council asked for revisions to be made to the details of the loan before accepting it, such as what the money can or cannot be used for. The fund where the loan payments will come from has yet to be determined.

The Strawberry Festival committee was approved by the council during the meeting as well. Whitney Barlow, Ben Barlow, Monica Cooper, Janie Ellison, Amy Jolley, Was Hale, Patti Hale, Robert Hight, Candice Hight, Mary Beth Wyatt and Clayshane Mims are the individuals elected to the committee.

The Thorsby Fire Department received a grant from the state of Alabama from the COVID-19 recovery grants issued for volunteer fire departments in March. The department received $10,320 and will use that money to replace fire equipment that was met its shelf life. The fire department also was approved to bring on Matthew Wells as a volunteer to work in the fire station.