Chilton County Sheriff’s Office

Published 10:36 am Friday, May 13, 2022

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These incidents happened between May 4-10.

May 4

Criminal Littering: County Road 71, Jemison

Death Investigation: 3000 Block of County Road 76, Clanton

Possession of Child Pornography: 400 Block of County Road 359, Maplesville

Theft of Property Second Degree: County Road 52, Jemison

Burglary Third Degree, Criminal Mischief Third Degree: 6000 Block of County Road 24, Verbena

Theft-Other Vehicle: County Road 489, Verbena

Criminal Mischief Third Degree ($500 or less), Theft-Miscellaneous, less than $500: County Road 30, Clanton

Theft-Miscellaneous, $500-less than $1,500: 5000 Block of County Road 511, Clanton


May 5

Synthetic Narcotic-Possess: Old Samaria Road, Clanton

Animal Complaint: County Road 17, Maplesville

Harassing Communications: US Highway 31, Clanton

Disorderly Conduct: County Road 174, Jemison

Domestic-Harassment-Family, Criminal Trespass Third Degree: 0000 Block of County Road 507, Marbury

Death Investigation: 2300 Block of County Road 180, Jemison

Burglary Third Degree, PDP Drug Paraphernalia-1st Offense, Methamphetamine-Possess, Sell/Distribution of Dangerous Drugs, Probation Violation, Non-Support-Child: County Road 454, Clanton

Harassing Communications: US Highway 31, Clanton

Theft-Miscellaneous, less than $500, Criminal Mischief: County Road 772, Montevallo

Theft-Aircraft/Boats/Farm Equipment, less than $500


May 6

Property Damage: County Road 23, Verbena

Custody Dispute: 1000 Block of County Road 511, Verbena

Possession with Intent to Distribute, Aggravated Assault Police Officer-Strong Arm, Resisting Arrest: County Road 69 and County Road 441, Verbena

Custody Dispute: Verbena

Domestic-Harassment-Family: Alabama Highway 22, Clanton

Methamphetamine-Possess, Possession of Marijuana Second Degree: Bell Lane Road, Clanton


May 7

Methamphetamine-Possess, Drug Paraphernalia-1st Offense: County road 28, Clanton

PDP Drug Paraphernalia-1st Offense, Illegal Possession of Prescription Drugs: County Road 59, Verbena

Possession of Marijuana Second Degree: County Road 46, Jemison

Domestic Violence-Third Degree-Harassment, PDP Drug Paraphernalia-1st Offense, Methamphetamine-Possess: County Road 182, Clanton

Drug Trafficking (3 counts), Marijuana-Possess, PDP Drug Paraphernalia, Possession of a Pistol by a Drunk/Addict: US Highway 31, Marbury

Theft of Property First Degree (Greater than $2,500): 9000 Block of Alabama Highway 191, Maplesville

Criminal Mischief-Damage to Private Property, Theft-From Yards, less than $500: 4000 Block of County Road 41, Clanton


May 8

Miscellaneous: County Road 42, Jemison

Probation Violation: County Road 47, Clanton

Domestic Argument: County Road 24, Verbena

Civil Dispute-Domestic Dispute: County Road 16, Clanton

PDP Drug Paraphernalia-1st Offense: US Highway 31/Cassy Drive, Jemison

Harassment: 2500 Block of County Road 81, Clanton

Domestic Violence-Third Degree-Punishment, Criminal Mischief: Block of County Road 962, Montevallo


May 9

Failing to Appear: Logan Road, Clanton

Possession of a Sawed off Rifle/Shotgun, Domestic-Harassment-Family: 100 Block of County Road 351, Maplesville

Rendering False Alarm-Other Building/Location: County Road 351, Maplesville


May 10

Rape First Degree: County Road 813, Verbena

Bench Warrant: City Street, Clanton

Theft-Aircraft/Boats/Farm Equipment: County Road 16, Maplesville