Learning from the mother of Christ

Published 1:15 pm Monday, May 9, 2022

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By Pastor Randy Reid | Clanton First Assembly of God 

As a child, I remember my mother reflecting on the character and qualities of Mary whom God hand-picked to be the mother of Jesus. I remember her saying, “You know, Mary must have been a good woman for the Lord to have chosen her to be the mother of His only Son.” Obviously that statement goes without saying, for indeed, Mary would have exhibited high standards of morality and righteousness to be chosen for such a high calling. 

And when you consider the age of Mary, her devotion to God is even more commendable. While we cannot definitively substantiate her age, many historical records mark Mary’s age at between 12 to 14 years when she became engaged to Joseph. Yet at that young age, her level of maturity and degree of consecration was such that it caught the eye God who sent his messenger to her to announce His call upon her life.

Can you imagine a girl at such a young age, going about her normal life in the poverty stricken, crime ridden town of Nazareth and out of nowhere receiving a heavenly visit from the arch angel Gabriel Himself? It was a most unsettling visit initially. The scripture state that Mary was “troubled at his saying and cast in her mind what manner of salutation this should be (Luke 1:29).” In other words, Mary did not know what to make of it. The angel Gabriel informed Mary that she was highly favored by God and because of that she would conceive, bare, and birth the very Son of God. Mary did not know how this could be seeing she was a virgin, but she yielded herself to God and trusted Him to take care of the details. She became the instrument that God would use to bring His Son into the world to recuse all mankind. 

The excellent spirit and godly attributes exhibited by Mary are those to which every mother should aspire. They are the qualities that God can use to make every mother as Mary. 

Yes, Mary was troubled by angel’s visit. It brought fear upon her initially. However, she did not dismiss or reject it. She remained open to what the messenger of the Lord had to say. It is important for mother’s to always be receptive the Word of God for themselves and their children. For therein lies the wisdom and understanding of God’s plan. Yes, sometimes the message may be difficult to grasp, perhaps even scary sometimes, but if embraced, it bring great rewards. 

Mary had questions… a lot of them. Questions of what, why and how. However, she did not allow her questions of the unknown to keep her from embracing her call as a mother. She trusted that the God who called her could accomplish His work in her life. 

After going back and forth with the angel for a while, Mary spoke the words that are my favorite of all the words she spoke: “Be it unto me according to thy word (Luke 1: 38).” In other words, “Lord, Despite my questions and concerns, I’m Yours.” May those be the words of every mother (and father). Although we may not understand all that God is doing in us, may it be as He desires.