What’s in a rainbow?

Published 3:01 pm Friday, April 29, 2022

By PEGGY BULLARD | Community Columnist

I read that we all see rainbows differently.  The colors I see may be slightly different from what you might see even standing together and viewing the same one. That’s because a rainbow is formed with light and water, and what we see depends on how the light is being bent and reflected back to us. Thus everyone sees something different.

The rainbow is a reflection of perfect balance of the physical world. It is made up of seven colors in the order of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. Might I point out that seven is the number of perfection. A coincidence? No, God knew exactly what he was doing when he set the rainbow in the sky. In Genesis 9:13-17, it says God set the rainbow in the cloud as a covenant between Him and earth. What do you think about or remember when you see a rainbow? That too can be different for all of us. One thing we all have in common as we stare up at the sky to view a rainbow is we marvel and awe. It makes us smile. It truly is a sign of a beautiful day to come after a rain or storm.

We have seen many beautiful rainbows here on Lake Mitchell. Some double ones, some single ones that crossed from the Coosa side to the Chilton side. Awesome!  There have been many photos made and each gorgeous in its own light. On April 18, 2022 Tracey Ponder captured this picture of a rainbow that appeared to have no beginning and no end, a full circle.  It really was not circular but the reflection in the water she captured gave it that amazing appearance. Tracey has a home in The Cove on Lake Mitchell, and she was delighted when she discovered she had captured not only a beautiful picture of a rainbow but the reflection as well. There were so many great pictures made on the 18th, and we all did marvel at the beautiful and peaceful and perfect sight of a rainbow. They are a marvel and delight to all ages. Only God could create such a wonder. Watch for the rainbows in your life.

On May 7, there will be a Lake Cleanup beginning at 8 a.m. at Higgins Ferry. HOBO will coordinate with Alabama Power and the Renew Our Rivers cleanup. Our goal is to keep our lakes and rivers clean for the greater enjoyment of all including the fish and wildlife. Anyone that is interested may join us for this event. Bring your boat if you can, and if not you may be able to get on board with someone and help pick up trash around the lake.  It will be a Rainbow kind of day to meet, greet and work together.