Chilton County Sheriff’s Office

Published 10:42 pm Thursday, April 21, 2022

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These incidents happened between April 13-19.

April 13

Failing to Appear: Caroline Street, Clanton

Verbal Domestic Incident: County Road 120, Randolph

Altered Mental Status: 400 Block of County Road 774, Montevallo

Domestic-Harassment-Family: 6,000 Block of County Road 29, Thorsby


April 14

Property Damage: County Road 113, Montevallo

Criminal Trespass First Degree: City Street, Clanton

Probation Violation: City Street, Clanton

Criminal Trespass Third Degree, Harassment: Block of County Road 967, Clanton

Methamphetamine-Possess, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia: County Road 50, Jemison

Property Damage: County Road 24, Verbena

Domestic-Simple Assault-Family: 9,000 Block of County Road 59, Verbena


April 15

Larceny/Theft-Theft-Pickpocket, $500-less than $1,500: County Road 105, Maplesville

Driving Under the Influence-Alcohol: County Road 490, Clanton

Miscellaneous Theft, $500-less than $1,500: County Road 772, Monroeville

Criminal Mischief-Damage to Private Property: 300 Block of County Road 386, Billingsley


April 16

Methamphetamine-Possess, PDP Drug Paraphernalia-1st Offense: MM 200/I-65, Verbena

Public Intoxication: County Road 37, Clanton

Unauthorized Use of a Vehicle: County Road 1051, Clanton

Abandoned Vehicle: County Road 406, Clanton

Possession of Marijuana Second Degree, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia: County Road 351, Maplesville


April 17

Death Investigation: County Road 447, Verbena

Theft of Property First Degree (Greater than $2,500): US Highway 82, Lawley

Disorderly Conduct/Disturbing the Peace/Affray: County Road 455, Clanton

Civil Dispute: 2,000 Block of County Road 346, Clanton


April 18

Property Damage: 4,000 Block of County Road 41, Clanton

Property Damage: 100 Block of County Road 240, Thorsby

Harassing Communications: County Road 502, Verbena

Criminal Trespass First Degree, Public Intoxication: 3,000 Block of County Road 50, Jemison

Criminal Trespass First Degree: 3,000 Block of County Road 50, Jemison

PDP/UPDP Drug Paraphernalia-2nd Offense, Criminal Mischief-Damage to Private Property, Domestic-Harassment-Family: 1,000 Block of County Road 446, Marbury

Animal Complaint: County Road 55, Clanton

Harassment: County Road 51, Jemison

Harassment: County Rod 247, Clanton

Theft-From Yard, less than $500: County Road 558, Verbena

Criminal Littering: County Road 46, Montevallo

Methamphetamine-Sell/Distribute, Methamphetamine-Possess: County Road 425, Clanton

Methamphetamine-Possess: County Road 37, Thorsby

Domestic Violence-Third Degree: County Road 9, Clanton

Criminal Trespass First Degree, Harassing Communications, Public Intoxication: Block of County Road 1075, Clanton

Theft-Other Vehicle, Non-Residence-Force: 300 Block of County Road 105, Maplesville


April 19

Domestic-Harassment-Family, Domestic Violence-Third Degree: Block of County Road 33, Calera

Criminal Trespass Third Degree: Clanton

Attempted Suicide: County Road 502, Verbena

Animal Complaint: County Road 41, Clanton

Harassment-Domestic: Clanton