JES volunteer honored for National Volunteer Week

Published 2:40 pm Tuesday, April 19, 2022

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By Carey Reeder | Staff Writer

Kathy Headley was honored at Jemison Elementary School on April 19 for her years of selfless service to the children in the Jemison schools. Headley’s service was highlighted as a part of National Volunteer Week from April 17-23 that “reminds the nation that America is a country built on service and to call on individuals to do their part to improve the lives of others,” according to the National Park Service website.

The honor was a surprise to Headley, and Mayor Eddie Reed came to the school to present Headley with a framed letter commemorating her 30 years of service.

“We understand that Miss Headley has given up her time for 21 years volunteering (at JES), without compensation, and you have to recognize that,” Reed said. “The city council gladly passed the proclamation last night for Miss Headley and the council is honored to have done this, and letting people know how much we appreciate someone who has given so much time to others.”

Headley has volunteered for 21 years at Jemison Elementary School and 10 years at Jemison High School. During her time at JES, Headley has helped get students in and out of cars, helped with traffic, given out snacks and drinks to the students and numerous other tasks.

“I was so surprised, I wasn’t expecting it or anything, but I was tickled to death,” Headley said. “I love these kids, I love this school and I love doing it so much. They wave when they see me, they give me a hug, it’s great and I just love it.”

Headley has helped JES significantly when the faculty is shorthanded and helped in nearly every aspect of the school.

“She’s a treasure for us, she’s here every day no matter what she has going on,” JES Principal Meghan Owens said. “She’s a great encourager to students throughout the day, really anything we need help with she doesn’t hesitate.”

Headley also received a silver-casted rose as a gift for her service and said she wants to find a space on her wall for the framed letter.