City council approves raises for city employees

Published 12:40 pm Tuesday, March 22, 2022

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By Carey Reeder | Staff Writer

The Thorsby City Council approved a $3 an hour raises for all city employees to keep the best workers in Thorsby. Mayor Robert Hight proposed the raise and it was passed unanimously by the council.

“We’re losing a lot of people to the town north of us and other areas due to our pay scale,” Hight said. “If we don’t do this, we won’t keep good employees.”

Hight stated that there is enough money within the budget this year to afford it and the raise will go into effect next month. All pay scales will be adjusted to reflect the raise.

The purchase of a police and animal control truck was approved by the council including the money to complete the uplifting of the truck such as lights and a partition.

The council changed its water policy to cut water off if the bill is not paid by the 20th of every month. The due date is the 10th of every month, and a resolution to extend a grace period to the 20th was also approved unanimously during the meeting.

The council finished the approval of purchasing a new garbage truck for the city and a new city limits sign was approved to be put on County Road 50.