Clanton Police Departments

Published 4:41 pm Friday, January 21, 2022

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These are incidents reported for Jan. 4-14:

Jan. 4

Property Damage: 135 Price Drive

Assault Third Degree301 City St.

Jan. 5

Fraud-Identity Theft: 306 Park Plaza

Property Damage: 2030 Lay Dam Road

Miscellaneous property damage: 1808 7 th Street South

Alias Writ of Arrest (Harassment 3rd DV), Alias Writ of Arrest (Criminal Mischief 3rd DV): Jones Street/Tuscaloosa Road, Thorsby

Criminal Mischief Third Degree ($500 or less): Clanton

Jan. 6

Possession of Drug Paraphernalia: Jackson Ave/Enterprise Road,

Harassment (Domestic Violence 3rd): 141 Peach Tree Lane,

Jan. 7

FTA-Obstruction of Traffic: Kincheon Road and Pipes Avenue

Possession of Marijuana Second Degree, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia: Enterprise Road/Duren Road

Public Intoxication: 2131 7th St South

Larceny/Theft-Theft-Pickpocket, $500-less than $1,500: 1415 7th Street South

Jan. 8

Property Damage: 1622 7th St North Suite 130

Traffic Offenses: 2231 7th St South

Larceny/Theft-Theft-Pickpocket, less than $500: Clanton

Jan. 9

Domestic Violence – Third Degree: 38 14th Street

Driving While License Suspended, Improper Tag Light / No tag light: 301 City St.

Jan. 10

Criminal Mischief Second Degree (Greater than $500 to $2,500): 413 14th Street South

Criminal Mischief Third Degree ($500 or less): 114 Auther Drive

Larceny/Theft-Theft-Pickpocket, less than $500: 1415 7th Street South

Larceny/Theft-Theft-Pickpocket, less than $500: 2213 4th Avenue North

Open Container of Alcohol in a Vehicle: I-65 MM 205

Jan. 11

Damage to room: 2000 Big M Blv,

Alias Writ of Arrest- FTA Fail to Signal: 301 City Street

Criminal Mischief Third Degree ($500 or less), Domestic Violence – Third Degree, Attempted Suicide: Clanton

Driving Under the Influence – Alcohol: Jackson Ave/ 8th Street South

Jan. 12

Possession of Marijuana Second Degree, Carrying a Pistol Unlawfully: 8th Street/2nd Avenue N

Criminal Trespass 3rd Degree, Larceny/Theft-Theft-Pickpocket, less than $500: 100 1st Ave

Jan. 13

Domestic Violence – Third Degree: 2909 7th Street North

FTA-DV 3rd Harassment: 8th Street North and 14th Avenue

Larceny/Theft-Theft-Pickpocket, $1,500-2,500: 3507 7th Street North

Giving False Identification to Law Enforcement Officer: 301 City Street

Property Damage: 2362 Pinedale Road

Jan. 14

Assault Third Degree, Reckless Endangerment: I65 & US 31

Property Damage: 1501 7th Street North

Possession of a Controlled Substance, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia: 2134 7th Street South

Criminal Trespass Third Degree, Public Intoxication: 201 7th Street South

Driving Under the Influence – Alcohol: 212 I-65/ Lay Dam Road

Jan. 15

Burglary Third Degree, Larceny/Theft-Theft-Pickpocket, less than $500: 101 Third Avenue South

Jan. 16

Domestic Violence – Third Degree, Harassment: 800 Block of Old Thorsby Road

Jan. 17

Assault Third Degree: 709 8th Street North apt 3A

Animal bite: 711 Tippett Street

Possession of a Controlled Substance: 1103 7th Street North

FTA Driving while license Suspended: County Road 484 and County Road 495