Business owners looking to locate in Thorsby

Published 10:23 am Tuesday, January 4, 2022

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By JOYANNA LOVE/ Managing Editor

Business owners looking to locate in Thorsby addressed the town council during a Jan. 3 meeting.

Todd Bowen and Jamie Story of Red Zone are hoping to have their restaurant open in Thorsby in early February. Jonathan Varden is potentially looking at opening a business in town.

The business owners were interested in information about any local tax breaks that may be available.

The members of the council indicated this was something they would be willing to discuss.

“We want more businesses, so whatever we can do to help get (them) that is what we are going to try to do,” Hight said.

Councilman Marvin Crumpton said a recent business establishing would “start a spark” of interest in Thorsby.

“I think it is headed in the right direction,” Crumpton said.

He said any tax break that would be given a business would not mean the town was losing money, just waiting a little longer to have more.

“We might have to do something where you might have to stay there five years or something, but you know, we will do what we can do to help you,” Hight said.

Bowen and Story said the renovations that were required for the building and equipment were coming in at a higher cost than had been anticipated.

While staffing has been short recently, the owners hope to eventually be open for lunch and dinner, Story said. Applications are being accepted.

Bowen said supply deliveries have also been a limiting factor.

“We are only getting one food truck a week,” Bowen said.

“And half the time, half the product isn’t even on the truck,” Story said.

Bowen said the company needed a letter for the ABC Board from the town to be able to transfer its existing license to serve alcoholic beverages to the new location.

The restaurant owners were also interested in whether the town was considering approving draft beer sales.

Hight said he was looking at the ordinance Clanton had passed and planned to present something at a later date. Such an ordinance would have to be approved by the state legislature under its local legislation approvals. Hight said the legislature would not be back in session until March.

In addition to interest in any tax incentives available, Varden asked about where the sewer system extended to and internet access.