OPINION: Looking forward to a new year

Published 2:26 pm Thursday, December 30, 2021

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By JOYANNA LOVE/ Managing Editor

I made a statement to someone the other day about the resolution I was setting for the new year. Their response suggested they were unconvinced that I was serious about choosing this as a focus in 2022.

Whether they doubted my motives or my ability, I did not ask.

Some new year’s resolutions are easily shared. Others should be entrusted to only those that can help you reach your goals.

Many have discussed steps to actually achieving goals. However, I think when it comes to new year’s resolutions it is easy to forget an important component — passion.

I think it is easy to choose a new year’s resolution based on something one feels is an external expectation, such as being fit, rather than a passionate desire or excitement to accomplish the goal.

A plan is important to getting started toward a goal, but passion and excitement fuel the determination to reach the finish line.

Setting new goals is popular at the start of a new year, but picking something to improve on or accomplish can be done at any time.

I have already started working on mine — choosing not to worry.

It does not meet the typical goal setting requirements of being specifically measurable, but it is something I develop a plan for and something I am passionate about.

If you choose the new year as a time to make a resolution to change something in your life or to work toward a new goal, pick something specific to you because it is something you want to do, not just because someone said it was a good idea.

2021 was a roller coaster for me personally, and for many as we continue to deal with COVID-19, supply chain issues and staffing shortages at some restaurants and stores.

While a change in the calendar does not automatically change situations, I hope each of us will let 2022 be a time of enjoying the good times and choosing joy.