Company focused on child safety

Published 9:34 am Monday, December 27, 2021

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By JOYANNA LOVE/ Managing Editor

The next generation of the child ID kit is now available through a website created by Rhett Barbaree of Clanton.

God’s Child ID is a subscription website where parents can keep up-to-date information and photos of their children (up to eight) for use in case their child is ever missing or kidnapped.

The site requires a two-point authentication to keep information secure.

“You hear more and more about child sex trafficking and human trafficking,” Barbaree said of the importance of such a site.

If a child is missing or kidnapped, parents can login and automatically create a flyer for that child.

“Then the parents can text it to the police, email it, print it off, or share it to Facebook,” Barbaree said. “… So that speeds up the process of getting eyes on the ground, so to speak, (to) be on the lookout. As opposed to, waiting for an officer to come to your home, the time it takes for that, finding a good photo and remembering all the information about your child you already have it there.”

Subscribers on the site also receive reminders to update the information.

“The strongest feedback that I am getting is not from parents but from grandparents,” Barbaree said.

A promotional video with more information is available on the website or the God’s Child ID Facebook page, as well as helpful information on child safety.

“It is more than just an ID kit it is kind of an ongoing thing,” Barbaree said.

The idea for such a site began in 2008. However, the site that was created never really took off.

More recently, Barbaree felt led by God to pursue the idea again. He asked God to inspire him with a name and provide the funding to establish the business.

“It was about a week later that I got an email from the Small Business Administration, saying that I qualified for a grant though them because of COVID and so forth,” Barbaree said.

This grant provided the startup funds needed to rebuild the website and begin developing promotional materials.

Barbaree said the project was important to him because he felt it was an innovation God wanted him to provide and because he has children.

Barbaree said Chilton County Sheriff John Shearon and Chilton County Schools Superintendent Jason Griffin have both been supportive of the effort.