Editorial: Pay attention to stay safe

Published 3:46 pm Friday, December 3, 2021

Three traffic-related fatalities in three days is hard for any community.

For Chilton County, this has been experienced in the last week. Two incidents were single vehicle accidents where a vehicle went off the roadway. The other involved a train.

These accidents can be especially heart wrenching as they occurred right before the Christmas holiday season. Now family members who may have already began making plans will have an empty chair at their festivities.

While what exactly happened in each of the recent accidents is unknown, they serve as an extra reminder to be extremely alert and aware when behind the wheel.

Statistics and reports have shown time and time again that driving while distracted, whether it be from a phone call or a text, makes a person more likely to get in an accident, putting themselves and others at risk.

Looking away for a few seconds does not seem like a big deal, but it can be in just a few seconds that a car in front of someone stops, or something or someone runs into the roadway.

While waiting for a train at one of Chilton County’s many track crossings could mean being late to something, this is far better than trying to make is across a track when a train can be seen.

Sometimes a signal has started warning of a train, but the train still cannot be seen. It is extremely important not to cross the tracks until the signal stops.

Trains cannot stop as quickly as a car can.

Many accidents involving trains and a car are because the passenger vehicle is trying to beat a train.

Please be extra aware this holiday season to ensure everyone can enjoy this special time.

Make plans ahead of time to have a designated sober driver when going to events where alcohol will be served. Take a nap before driving when drowsy. Make as many stops as needed to stay alert and awake during a long holiday drive.

Have a very merry, happy holiday season.