Commission discusses pay scale and job descriptions for employees

Published 10:50 am Wednesday, November 3, 2021

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The Chilton County Commission discussed a possible new pay scale for Commission Office employees during its meeting on Nov. 2.

County Administrator Sylvia Singleton presented the pay scale, which she developed, to the commission.

The scale lists starting pay for employees at different positions, as well as different raises that could be given as a result of employee evaluations.

Along with the pay scale, Singleton also created new job descriptions for positions in the Commission Office. She created the new job descriptions to assign specific responsibilities to specific roles.

“We have taken all of these responsibilities that have just been scattered around our office, and we’ve developed job descriptions to fit those,” Singleton said.

Commission Chairman Joseph Parnell presented concerns about the pay scale. He expressed worry that should the commission pass the pay scale, and then the economy takes a turn for the worse in the next year, that the commission may not have the funds to pay employees based on the pay scale.

Singleton responded by saying that something like that could happen in any year, but that a pay scale gives the Commission Office some direction for its employees.

Commissioner Randell Kelley asked how often employee evaluations would take place, to which Singleton said each employee would be evaluated once a year.

“That’s already the way we do it,” Singleton said.

Along with discussing the pay scale and job descriptions, the commission also discussed lowering the speed limit on County Road 32 to 35 mph. They also discussed a possible resolution that would not allow them to amend their meeting agendas past a certain point leading up to a meeting.