Commission to explore plans for new courthouse

Published 11:12 am Wednesday, October 6, 2021


The Chilton County Commission discussed beginning plans for a new courthouse during a work session on Oct. 5.

The idea was brought up by Commissioner Randell Kelley.

Kelley said he felt it was time for the commission to begin planning for a new courthouse due to the fact that the current one is about 60 years old.

The current courthouse has had its fair share of problems in the past. There have been problems with lighting, air conditioning and heating, among others.

“We’ve got to do something,” Kelley said. “But we’ve got to have a plan before we say we’re going to do something, and now is the time to start.”

Only four commissioners were present at the meeting, including Kelley, but they were all in agreement that looking into plans for a new courthouse was in the county’s best interest.

Commission Chairman Joseph Parnell suggested that a committee of three commissioners be made to look into the matter further. He asked that it be on a volunteer basis though instead of the committee being appointed.

“If it’s appointed, it goes in the Open Meetings Act, and any time you want to meet you’ve got to post it and give your proper notice,” Parnell said. “Just if you’re going to sit down and talk about what an architect said or whatever, so it delays that process.”

Kelley was given the green light to begin forming a committee, and once formed the members will begin looking into possibilities for a new courthouse.