Resident asking for help recovering from storm

Published 3:57 pm Tuesday, September 21, 2021

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By JOYANNA LOVE/ Managing Editor

A storm that came through the Maplesville area on May 17 only added to the difficulties of Tammy McCullers’s living situation. Now, she is looking for help to make things better.

She was in her camper, where she has been living for three years, when the strong winds threatened to rip it about, resulting in tears in the seams.

“I was standing inside the door of the camper and moved over to the kitchen sink at the window to try to get it rolled in because it was raining at the window, and all of a sudden the winds just ripped the door open,” McCullers said.

The wind also caused the camper to tilt with a portion of it laying on the ground and part of it on block.

There was also some damage to the front and the widows. An air conditioner window unit was also blown out by the storm.

The camper also has some roof damage.

She had moved to the property after her house was damaged in a fire.

Although electricity is working, there is no water to the structure.

“I have a septic tank out there, but I couldn’t ever get anybody to hook the pipes up,” McCullers said.

A friend brings jugs of water to McCullers as she has no vehicle to get to the store.

Not being able to keep the property bush hogged has also created issues with insects.

“The stove don’t work, all I have to cook in is the microwave, the toaster oven,” McCullers said.

She boils water in a crockpot, and does not have a refrigerator.

She receives income social security.

The immediate needs are plentiful, such as rides to the store and yard work.

McCullers hopes to find someone with an older home for her to live in, but any assistance would be appreciated. She said she enjoys remodeling, and has experience fixing up houses.

“I am really looking for an old house kind of out in the woods,” McCullers said. “I don’t like the city.”

She grew up on a farm and grows herbs and tomatoes.

She said she hopes others in her situation or similar situations will not be afraid to ask for help.

Those willing to donate time or money can contact McCullers at 334-518-0790.