IHS seniors looking to make memories this year

Published 1:22 pm Thursday, August 12, 2021

By JOYANNA LOVE/ Managing Editor

The first day of school is often full of expectation.

For some seniors at Isabella High School, making lasting memories with friends is what they were looking forward to most when classes started on Aug. 11.

Gracie Fjeldstad said she was looking forward to playing sports, making memories with seniors-only activities and passing pre-calculus. She expected her pre-calculus class to be one of the more challenging courses she is taking. She expected history would be her favorite class this year.

She said the year will be “the last firsts of everything,” such as the last first day of school at Isabella.

“It’s bittersweet though,” Fjeldstad said.

Having attended the school since kindergarten has given her the opportunity to “make a lot of friends.”

“You know a lot of people,” Fjeldstad said. “You have connections. Everyone knows who you are from your last name, from your older brother, older sister, stuff like that.”

Karsen Morris, who has attended the school since fifth grade, said she is looking forward to “enjoying moments with friends” and playing on the volleyball team.

Morris expects the team to be “pretty good” this year, “as long as no one gets quarantined.”

“Stampede section on football nights” is another aspect of the school year Morris is looking forward to.

The students section adds to the excitement of Friday nights by choosing themes for what to wear.

She anticipates drama class and physical education being her favorite courses this school year, while she expects physics to be her most challenging. Lindsey Sims also expected physics to be her most challenging class.

Sims, who has attended IHS since eighth grade, is looking forward to homecoming week, football games and the volleyball season.

She expects her health science class at LeCroy Career Technical Center to be her favorite class this year.

“I have always really liked the idea of being in the nursing field,” Sims said.

After doing classes online last year, Kristin Wilson said seeing everyone was a highlight this year.

“I missed everybody from seventh through 12th and teachers and faculty,” Wilson said. “It was just weird, like those are people who pick you up when you come to school in a bad mood, and not seeing those (people), that hurt a lot of people, students and teachers.”

She is also looking forward to her history/civics class.

Ivan Marquez was looking forward to growing as a person and a student this school year, and “having a successful future once I graduate.”

He also wanted to continue friendships and make new friends.

As senior year begins, many of the students have plans for after graduation. Fjeldstad will pursue getting an offer from a college to play softball and eventually become a surgeon. Morris wants to be a bank teller or an early education teacher. Sims hopes to attend college for nursing, potentially playing volleyball at the college level, or get a job in the real estate industry. Wilson will attend Central Alabama Community College and play softball for the school. After completing her basics there, Wilson said she will transfer to a four-year college and major in photography or something related to helping those with special needs.