Clanton Council approves GIS mapping resolution

Published 11:46 am Tuesday, July 27, 2021



The Clanton City Council approved a resolution to contract with CDG Engineers and Associates to purchase a GIS mapping software during its meeting on July 26.

The resolution was approved unanimously by the council.

CDG’s software will be used to map out the city’s roads, sewage systems and water pipes.

CDG will initially focus on the roads in Clanton. They will drive every road, taking pictures every 10 feet. From there, the pictures will be uploaded into the software, and each road will be graded based on the shape it is in, according to Clanton Mayor Jeff Mims.

Those grades will help the city determine which roads need to be repaired first.

“What that does is give us the data,” Mims said. “When we get ready to get a grant to pave it, we’ve got something we can work with on these grants.”

The price for the software is $149,000. The money will come from the funds recently received through the American Rescue Plan Act.

During the meeting, the council also unanimously approved a resolution to repair street lights at intersections along U.S. Highway 31 as well as some on Alabama Highway 145 and other state highways.

According to Mims, the lights are owned by the city but are repaired by the state. The cost to fix the lights is $21,000. The city already has $4,000 of it, but will pay the other $17,000 from the money acquired via the American Rescue Plan Act.

The council also approved a resolution to create new job positions in the police department and municipal court. They also discussed doing something special for the World Series-winning Clanton 6U All-Star baseball team.