Thorsby to look into buying ambulance

Published 10:16 am Tuesday, July 20, 2021

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The Thorsby Town Council voted to allow its fire department to look into buying a used ambulance during its meeting on July 19.

The vote was unanimous among the council as Chief Josh Parker presented a used ambulance that was being considered by the fire department. The ambulance is on sale for $25,000.

Parker brought the issue to the council out of a need for a plan should Chilton County lose its ambulance services. Currently, Jemison is the only town in the county with an ambulance. The county still receives service from Regional Paramedical Services (RPS), but lost service from Care Ambulance Service last year.

A new contract was put out for bid for ambulance companies to provide service in Chilton County and RPS bid on it. However, a contract has not been approved even though the Chilton County 911 Board has a memorandum of understanding with RPS to provide service. They are currently in negotiations.

“Everybody around is starting to try to figure out a plan,” Parker said. “… What are we going to do if tomorrow RPS said ‘We’re not transporting in this area anymore?’ Because there is nobody else.

Should Thorsby choose to try to solve this problem by buying an ambulance, it would still take some time before the ambulance was fully functional and certified. The fire department would have to have the ambulance fully equipped, and the certified and trained paramedics that are currently with the department would have to be willing to work on ambulance runs.

Also discussed at the meeting was the town of Thorsby receiving $244,250.40 from the American Rescue Plan Act. Mayor Robert Hight discussed the different ways that the money can be used, such as possibly getting the police and fire departments P-25 radios. Hight also suggested possibly using the money to improve infrastructure or the downtown area to attract businesses, among other things.