Thorsby holds strategic plan meeting

Published 12:09 pm Friday, June 25, 2021

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The town of Thorsby held a strategic plan meeting put on by NextMove Group and the Chilton County Industrial Development Authority to help plan for future growth of the town.

Members of the town council as well as Thorsby natives gathered at the local Annex building for the meeting. They were presented with questions used to gain an understanding of what the locals wanted Thorsby to look like in future years.

The first question asked was what the people would want to be added to Thorsby in the next three years.

“Probably a grocery store,” said town council member Glenn Littleton.

The attendees also added that they would like more restaurants as well as a city-owned football field.

When looking a bit further into the future, the people present said they want Thorsby to have more retail shops and a strong economy 10 years down the road.

Then in 30 years, they want Thorsby to still have a small town feel to it, but they want more added to the town, including things to do for younger people such as movie theaters and a basketball court.

While adding to the town was important to the people present, they also made it known that keeping the assets that the town already has is important. Making sure that businesses such as the Dollar General in town or Boise Cascade do not go anywhere was very important.

They also wanted infrastructure upgrades such as better internet, better roads and upgrades to the sewers.

“We’re working on that,” Thorsby Mayor Robert Hight said of improving the internet service in the town.

This meeting followed similar meetings in Maplesville and Jemison.

NextMove Group will evaluate the answers, research possibilities and then return to each town with options for growth.