Interning at The Clanton Advertiser

Published 2:19 pm Thursday, June 10, 2021

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Interning at The Clanton Advertiser has been a fun and challenging experience for me.

I enjoy writing and even help run a monthly newsletter at Mississippi State University, but this internship has helped me to become a better journalist in several ways.

One of those ways is by getting me outside of my comfort zone. I write for the School of Human Sciences, and a lot of what I wrote about before coming here pertained to agricultural research. By covering different events and meetings, I have become a more well rounded writer and learned a lot about the county.

Another thing that has helped me is not being treated like a stereotypical intern. I am able to find my own stories, do not have someone constantly critiquing my work and even have my own desk. If I need help, they are happy to explain things, and if I do make an error, they show me what I did and how to correct it.

I have also gained experience in photography. While they may not be experts in the area either, Joyanna and Zachary have given me advice about taking photos that has helped me a lot. I am far from being a professional but my confidence in taking pictures for stories has grown drastically.

The work can be a challenge at times, but I really enjoy doing it. Some of my favorite stories to do were about The Chilton County 4-H and the Thorsby FFA, both of which I used to be a part of. It was a little weird to be on this side of the Clanton Advertiser at first, but I really do enjoy writing about the county I grew up in.

The knowledge and experience I am gaining is something that will help me no matter what I do in life, and I cannot wait to share what I have learned with my peers at MSU. Hail State, but between you and me, I still say Roll Tide.