Theme of overcoming stands out in CCHS graduation

Published 12:44 pm Sunday, May 30, 2021



Chilton County High School held its 2021 graduation ceremony on May 29. The event was held at the school’s football stadium.

The large graduating class was welcomed warmly by Chilton County Schools Superintendent Jason Griffin, CCHS Principal Ron Pinson and CCHS Assistant Principal Rosalyn Dixon. Dixon is the soon to-be Jemison Intermediate School principal.

Soon after, the class was addressed by the valedictorian, Abigail Calhoun.

Among all the speeches delivered by the speakers, one thing was made incredibly clear. This class will go down as one of the most resilient and tough graduating classes ever.

“As I was considering what to say to you [CCHS class of 2021], the word ‘survivor’ kept popping in my head,” Griffin said. “But then after much thought and prayer, you are not survivors, you are overcomers.”

The theme of overcoming was popular, as the class of 2021 had to endure some of the most difficult circumstances that any class has ever had to face.

They faced the challenge of not coming into school, but instead having to hold classes virtually. They had to wait weeks for their final school year to start, as it started later than a normal school year would. They had to wear masks and follow other protocols to protect themselves and those around them, all just to be able to attend school in the midst of a pandemic.

Not exactly an ideal way to spend one’s senior year.

Despite the challenges, this senior class was able to overcome and thrive in the new world they were a part of.

“This senior year significantly differed from any vision that we might have had of our last year in high school,” Calhoun said. “It was a year we had dreamed of since we were freshman, and while it presented some difficult and uncertain moments, I believe it has made us stronger, more resilient, and ready to overcome anything that comes our way.”

The message of overcoming could not be more fitting for this year’s senior class. After everything that they had to go through, they battled to the end and were able to have their graduation ceremony, a special moment for themselves and their loved ones.

The past year will be remembered by all, but especially by the graduating class of 2021.

It made them stronger and ready to face the world they go into, and should they run into any obstacles, they will have the tools to overcome them.