Hoping for a fast summer

Published 4:14 pm Thursday, May 27, 2021

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I know most people love summer. For students, it is the time that they get away from school and have some time for themselves. For many families, it is the portion of the year in which they can take a vacation. It’s arguably the best time of the year.

I, however, feel differently.

Summer is a great time, don’t get me wrong. As an avid baseball fan, the MLB season is in full swing this time of year, which is extremely fun for me. I enjoy having a bit more down time, and getting to see friends and family with more of them having some extra time is nice.

However, I prefer the fall, and cannot wait for it to be upon us.

Maybe part of it is that as a high school sports writer, there is not much for me to do this time of year. A big part of my job is to attend high school sporting events, and with no high school in the summer, there’s no sports.

Maybe part of it is the football fan in me. I thrive in the fall, when my weekends are spent either in college and NFL stadiums or watching my favorite teams on television all weekend. I also could not be more excited to experience my first high school football season in Chilton County.

It could also be the brutally hot weather that comes with the summertime. Being from Florida, I am no stranger to 100-degree days with 100% humidity. I doubt that Chilton County is much different.

Whatever it is, I love the fall, and am extremely excited for it to get here. So, while everyone is enjoying their summer, I will be enjoying it along with you.

But I will definitely be counting the days until it is over and my favorite time of year is here.