Ron Pinson receives state recognition for award

Published 1:23 pm Wednesday, May 19, 2021


At the Chilton County Board of Education’s most recent meeting on May 18, Ron Pinson received a resolution in recognition of him being named Alabama’s 2021 Principal of the Year.

Alabama State Rep. Van Smith read the resolution on behalf of himself, Rep. Ed Oliver and Rep. Russell Bledsoe.

“I’m honored to have the opportunity to recognize Ron Pinson,” Smith said. “I spent 37 years working in education, and the opportunity to recognize those that do a great job, is really an honor.”

The resolution listed several of Pinson’s accomplishments including; serving as Chilton County High School principal for four years, as well as assistant principal for five years, having a total of 21 years in education, that the CCHS state report card has gained five points in the prior year alone and for introducing programs that bring the community and the school closer.

“I was a principal for 24 years,” Smith said. “I thought I was pretty good principal, until I saw the credentials that I have here with Ron.”

This is the first time in recent years that someone from Chilton County has received the award, if not the first time ever. Pinson thanked Smith and everyone who had a part in presenting him the award.

“What is more rewarding, is to give more than receive,” Pinson said. “I love giving to the kids and that is what it is about for me. To see a smile on their face each and everyday… that’s what drives me.”

Pinson will be representing CCHS, the Chilton County School District and the state of Alabama for the National Principal of the Year award. Out of all the state winners, three finalists will be selected and one of those three will be named National Principal of the Year in Washington, D.C., according to the National Association of Secondary School Principals website.