County Commission approves Clanton’s exit from IDA

Published 11:45 am Wednesday, May 12, 2021

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The Chilton County Commission voted to accept the city of Clanton’s to exit from the Industrial Development Authority during a meeting on May 11.

The approval allows the IDA articles of incorporation to be updated as well as the number of board members to change from 11 to eight.

The vote was unanimous among the Commissioners present, with Commission Darrell Bone being the only one absent. Commission Chairman Joseph Parnell and Commissioners Randall Kelley, Matthew Mims, Allen Williams, Jimmie Hardee and Joe Headley all voted in favor.

The vote came after the IDA board approved the exit of the city of Clanton in a meeting the morning of May 11.

“Their desire was to withdraw from the IDA, so we’re just … changing our articles of the IDA to honor their wishes,” Mims said.

Also discussed at the meeting was a Limited Self-Governance Act brought to the commission by Randy Spruiell. The act would enact a policy that would prohibit property owners from leaving items around their property considered to be junk or trash.

However, the commission did not vote on a resolution to approve or decline the act, as the consensus was that it was not the commission’s place to tell property owners what to do with their property. It is also difficult to determine what can be deemed trash and what can be deemed as something that is valuable to a property owner.

“The issue between what’s one man’s junk and another man’s treasure is a very thin line,” Parnell said.

The commission also approved a resolution to advertise for a job position at Higgins Ferry Park, for a maintenance worker with the Engineering Department and for a new truck driver.