CCHS finishes historic track season

Published 3:13 pm Monday, May 3, 2021



The Chilton County High School track team finished its season last week. The team capped off a historic season with the boys team finishing sixth overall in their division, while the girls team finished 14th in their division.

The season may have marked the beginning of an era of dominance for the team. Multiple records were set by a large multitude of runners for the Tigers, and with much of the talent returning, the future looks bright for CCHS.

“There is no doubt that this program is on the cusp of multiple state titles,” CCHS track coach Derrick Gibson said. “Even more talent [is] already talking about wanting to run next season. The sky is the limit.”

The following list of students, all ranging from the seventh grade to 12th, now hold school records following this season:

Jabarrius Peake, Petra Johnson, Alaiah Varner-Crenshaw, Tyonna Booker, Austin Knight, Travon Bostic, Kevin Staffney, Nia Booker, Bella Coradi, J.T. Smith, Zachary Jackson, Leo Coradi, B.J. Davis, Jeremy Kline, Kaleb Lane, JJ Nunn, Serenity Reed, Colby Franks, Autumn Jones, Arlene Lopez, Deja Gibson, Dreshun Binion, Braden Griffin,  Jamon Dejarnett, Dakota Oden, Cedric Spencer, Jatravious Jackson, Ryan Tilly, Rickey Edwards, Trey Maywell, D.J. Argo, M.J. Spigner, Tramon Wright, Joshua Varden, Jaylen Varner, Galvin Headley, Destiny Smith and Amy Akers. First-year runners that set school records include Hunter Ousley, Zachary Geiger, Ethan Seagars, Jerald Dejarnett , Payton Shepherd, Josic Daniels, Draven Patterson, Jordan Benjamin and Alex Ledlow.

These runners accomplished these feats despite competing in a year unlike any other. With COVID-19 changing the way the team trained and competed, the accomplishments of the program are even more impressive.

“Through all the COVID issues we faced, and then with us being one of the smallest 6A [schools] around in our area … this team was battle-tested,” Gibson said.

Despite the challenges, CCHS was able to overcome and even thrive. The record books have been re-written for the Tigers, and with many runners coming back, some fresh ink may be needed as they may be re-written again.