Chilton County Battle Axe open for business

Published 11:33 am Wednesday, April 7, 2021

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By Zachary Seifter/ Staff Writer


Chilton County Battle Axe is now open to the public. The axe throwing facility opened its doors on April 1.

Located at 1610 Seventh Street North in Clanton, the business is owned by couple Jonathon Gamel and Leah Gamel.

It took some time for the Gamels to put the facility together, seeing as though they had no previous experience in any venture quite like this one. However, they would have never gotten the idea for the business had it not been for a family weekend experience at an axe throwing center that inspired them.

“We went out there [axe throwing venue] and had a lot of fun, just kind of looked around, and we were like ‘This is a pretty cool little business,’” Leah Gamel said. “So, we just kind of, well he [Jonathon] decided really that he wanted to do it.”

Getting the business open has been no easy task. The Gamels have faced their fair share of challenges. Between getting insurance for the business, getting the venue set up and properly built, inspected and putting together a website, among other things, it’s been difficult for the couple to get Chilton County Battle Axe up and running.

“It was a whole lot more than we initially anticipated,” Jonathon Gamel said.

However, now that the heavy lifting is done, the Gamels are excited to be able to actually get people in to see the fruits of their labor, and enjoy some axe throwing.

“Everybody kept asking us ‘When are you going to open?’ and we were like ‘Oh, maybe next weekend,’” Leah Gamel said. “Then something else would come up, so it’s nice to be open for sure.”

Currently, it costs $20 per person to rent a lane for an hour. Those prices may change as time goes on. The Gamels may decide new prices on group rates as well as prices to rent out the facility for parties in the near future.

In the meantime, there will be some fun theme events in the near future at Chilton County Battle Axe. The Gamels are planning for each Thursday night to be a theme night, whether it be Ladies Night or 90s Night, both of which are listed on the company’s website as future theme nights.

For more information on Chilton County Battle Axe, or to make a reservation, go to their website One can also call the number 334-531-9701 for more information.