Published 10:05 am Friday, April 2, 2021

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The following deeds were transferred in Chilton County from March 25-31


March 25


William Gene Cobb and Margaret M. Cobb to Bobby Gene Turner Jr. and Amanda J. Turner for $209,000 Section 3, Township 23 North, Range 13 East

Lyndahl Harvey Crane and Shelli Crane to Brad Crane for $100 Section 7, Township 22, Range 13 East

Lyndahl Harvey Crane and Shelli Crane to Lyndahl Harvey Crane and Shelli Crane for $100 Section 7, Township 22, Range 13 East

James M. Walls and Judith J. Walls to Jack Jones for $55,000 Section 34, Township 21 North, Range 12 East

Jessica Leigh Carter to Timothy Brad Stewart for $100 Section 33, Township 23, Range 14

Roy Levelle Morris for Estate of Annelle L. Morris to Ronnie Dale Morris for $100 Section 24, Township 23 North, Range 13 East

Robert Eason Powers to Christopher Bull and Cullen Bull for $247,500 Lot 9 of Creekside subdivision, Sector 3

Edward Patterson and Vicky Patterson, formerly known as Vicky Hammontree, to Edward Patterson and Vicky Patterson for $1 Lot 3 of Maplewood Garden Homes

Pamela Jackson and Jeffrey Allen Jackson to Anthony Joel Doody and Christi E. Doody for $320,500 Lot 107 of Oak Ridge subdivision

Antonio Zaragoza and Theresa Zaragoza to Anne Marie Patterson for $140,000 Section 5, Township 22 North, Range 13 East

Jeff Mims for Estate of James O’Neil Mims, deceased, to Jeff Mims for $1 Section 6, Township 21 North and 71 North, Range 15 East


March 26


Joseph Houser III and Katherine Houser to Joseph Houser for $10 Lot 203 of Higgins Ferry subdivision

Robert M. Moses and Sylvia G. Moses to Joshua Matthew Moses for $100 Section 6, Township 22, Range 15

Gary A. Mims Construction LLC to Prominence Homes LLC for $726,250 Lots 1, 18-32 and 50-63 of The Cottages at Yellowleaf Plat No. 1 and Lots 33-64 of Yellowleaf Park Townhomes

Donnie Brown and Gail Brown to Jeffrey Paul Brown for $10 Section 18, Township 21 North, Range 16 East

Josie Morgan Steel, formerly known as Josie Morgan Adams, and Richard Cody Steel to Tony M. Byrd and Lisa Byrd for $154,000 Lots 1,2, 17, 18 and Block 23 in Town of Thorsby


March 29


Billy G. Crocker to Alan S. Wells and Sharee B. Wells for $1 Lot 58 of Riverview subdivision Plat No. 2

Sandra Marie Haube to Chrystal Dawn Tinsley for $260,000 Parcel C of Frank Adkins Property, Section 4, Township 22 North, Range 14 East

Don P. Morris and Kristy L. Morris to Lewis W. Pendergrass and June Pendergrass for $129,000 Section 11, Township 22 North, Range 14 East

William G. Akers and Deborah J. Akers to Matthew W. Green and Leigh Ann Green for $182,500 Section 22, Township 22 North, Range 14 East

Henry Mark Ousley to Brandy Elizabeth Rutland, custodian for Brennan Drake Rutland, a minor, under the Alabama Uniform Transfers to Minors Act, for $1 Section 8, Township 21 North, Range 16 East

William L. Johnson and Donna G. Johnson to Rocky Lane Mims and Angela Dale Mims for $3,000 Section 7, Township 21 North, Range 14 East

Steven Lance Fortenberry, Allen Wade Daugherty and Jessica Fortenberry to Joyce S. McDaniel for $100 Section 20, Township 21, Range 16



March 30


Stephen J. Peirce and Sharon A. Peirce, trustees, or successors in trust, under the Peirce Revocable Trust, to Ray A. Finlayson and Cheryl L. Fletcher for $75,000 Lot 9 and 27 of Phase 1 of Highlands of Lay subdivision

Southwood Company LLC to Bee Ham Properties LLC for $875,000 Section 14, Township 24 North, Range 12 East

Wyndell F. Patterson to A. & L. R. Properties LLC for $62,500 Lots 5, 6, 34, 35 and 38 of Counry View Estates



March 31


Marsha Harper to Marsha Harper and Stephanie Leanne Wallace for $0 Lot 44 of Pearce Acres, Second Sector

James Holmes and Alan Diseker III to Rocky Johnson and Melissa Johnson for $39,500 Section 11, Township 22 North, Range 15 East

William H. Caine, successor trustee Millers Trusts and Continuation Trusts created under the Last Will and Testament of Elmer S. Miller, deceased, to Maxwell Murphy for $65,000 Section 10, Township 22, Range 12

Regan Lee Scarborough, aka Regan Lee Taylor, and Ryan R. Taylor to Robert Daniel Mattis and Patricia Mattis for $108,400 Section 23, Township 23 North, Range 13 East

Thomas Van Der Merwe and Madison Van Der Merwe to Dustin Langston and Madeline Willis for $185,000 Section 7, Township 22 North, Range 14 East

Roger D. Smitherman and Bonnie A. Smitherman to Joshua D. Smitherman, Jonah N. Smitherman and Roger Aron Smitherman for $100 Section 7, Township 20 North, Range 13 East

Anthony Nix and Francine Nix to Perry Nunn and Odessa L. Nunn for $221,000 Lots 7 and 8 of R. L. Langston subdivision

Elouise K. Gentry to The Lynn and Allison Burnett Family Trust, Lynn R. Burnett and Allison K. Burnett, trustees, for $177,250 Section 35, Township 22, Range 14

Bradley A. Polk and Lori C. Polk to Eric R. Sorensen and Kristen A. Sorensen for $425,000 Section 24, Township 21 North, Range 14 East

D & P LLC to Brayden Joseph Moates for $145,000 Section 29, Township 22 North, Range 14 East