A step into the world of sports

Published 2:05 pm Friday, February 5, 2021

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By JOYANNA LOVE/ Managing Editor

Since before I was even offered a job with The Clanton Advertiser, I have been adamant that sports is the one thing I do not want to cover.

Really for the good of everyone involved, I should not be covering games.

I enjoy watching the occasional sporting event and have actually been to live events of several sports. However, if you were to ask me to describe what just happened using the correct sports terminology, I would often be at a loss.

One football season I was scheduled to cover games. I approached with trepidation trying to psyche myself up that I could figure this out. Thankfully, at the last minute my editor took my hints and redid the schedule to keep me from having to cover the game.

As we are in between full-time sports writers at the moment, I find myself stepping into a bit of an unknown world and writing some spots stories. No game coverage though, I will leave that in the capable hands of Brandon Sumrall, our dedicated freelance writer and photographer.

High School college signings are in full swing, and I have been to a couple of schools already to chronicle the events as seniors make their college decisions official.

Coaches have been helpful as I ask clarifying questions about positions the students play, etc.

It has been interesting. It has seemed more challenging thinking about it than actually doing it. I think that could be the case for many things, many challenges, one approaches in life. The more one thinks about them, the worse it seems, but once one starts developing a plan to complete the project, things start to get easier.

My sports writing career will be short lived as re-enforcements in the form of a full-time writer, focused mostly on sports, are on the way — just in time for baseball season.