‘Adventure is out there’

Published 3:36 pm Thursday, January 28, 2021

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By JOYANNA LOVE/ Managing Editor

‘Adventure is out there’ is the motto of the main characters in one of my favorite movies Disney/ Pixar’s “Up.”

If you have never seen this animated, deep yet funny, film, I highly recommend it.

My husband, Jeremy Love, and I have quoted this phrase from the very beginnings of our dating relationship. The film holds a special place in our hearts.

Our relationship has had many adventures some good and some bizarre. Now, we often say this phrase when something unexpected happens — like a car repair — or when we are doing something fun — like a road trip.

Our latest adventure has been buying our first house in Chilton County, but adventure doesn’t have to be momentous or expensive. Adventure simply requires exploring the unknown.

There are plenty of opportunities to do this right here in Chilton County. Whether its learning a new sport such as water skiing or boxing, finding a new exercise through dance or yoga, exploring the beauty of nature at Higgins Ferry or Minooka Park, taking guitar or violin lessons, Chilton County has a lot to offer.

One of the reasons I enjoy journalism so much is because of all the neat things I get to learn about. From pens made from peach wood to lemons the size of grapefruit, the inner workings of local government to who decides what is taught in public schools, reporting is full of adventure.

Chilton County is on the verge of what might be its biggest adventure yet as many community leaders are working on plans for improvements in infrastructure, retail opportunities and other growth. Seeing the excitement and passion when people talk about such plans is encouraging that they are in it for the long haul on this adventure.

With the planning that leaders are putting in, Chilton County is in a sense getting to choose its own adventure for a good future.